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James Lipton and David Verklin at OMMA

Live blogging as Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton interviews Carat Americas CEO David Verklin.

Verklin has no shorage of soundbites. One of note (and I might be paraphrasing slightly): The best brands aren’t the ones that tell the best stories. The best brands are the ones about whom the best stories are told.

Other revelations:

Carat, pronounced much like you would Cara, is a French acronym that basically means ‘company for the buying of radio and television.’

Verklin’s not just a fiery corporate speechgive and also a church sermonizer (though a "quiet Christian," as he says).

Verklin likes the AMC TV show Mad Men. Surprise.

Favorite movies: Godfather II (also a great business handbook, he said), Deer Hunter, It’s a Wonderful Life.

James Lipton would have Will Ferrell play him in the movie version of his life.

The questionnaire for Verklin (invested by Marcel Proust, and adapted by a French talk show host) – a "sacred moment":

Favorite word: (took way too long to respond – what he didn’t prepare for this?) Fantastic
Least favorite word: No
What turns you on: Competition
What turns you off: Lack of appreciation and bad manners
What sound/noise do you like: Laughter of his daughter, sound of a cash register ringing
What sound/noise do you hate: alarm clock
What’s your favorite curse word: Son of a bitch
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt: archaeologist
What profession would you not like: dentistry (like his father)   
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates: We’ve been waiting for you to get here. Or maybe, "We’ll be right back after a message from this sponsor."

Lipton: One of the most interesting things is how wimpy the men are and
how incredibly filthy the men are. (For Christopher Walken it was

My note: One amazing thing: how quiet the room was during this part. Not a spoon stirred in the coffee cups. Amazing.

Q from the audience: If you had a theme song, what would it be?
Verklin: some theme from the U of Virginia, but one that people would know – High Hopes

Q from Tim McHale: If you were a Second Life avatar, what would you look like? Verklin would be a muscle guy. Lipton would get a tattoo (though he didn’t know what Second Life is).

Closing words from Verklin: "Long live the revolution. We are changing the world." He sees Advertising Week as an important time for the industry to talk to itself as it plans for the future.

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