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Having a third-grader and two cats at home gives me frequent opportunities to think about different types of intelligence, and I’ve been sketching out some thoughts on how this applies to marketing. I’ll be curious to get your perspective too.

The theory of multiple intelligences was coined by Howard Gardner, and I kept referring to them, albeit indirectly, when my daughter was preparing for her state-wide standardized tests.

Reading comprehension and subtraction are useful skills, but test-taking is a skill of its own, and multiple-choice test-taking is science of its own (a science I always hated). Whether my daughter winds up in the ninth or ninety-ninth percentile on a test, I reassured her that wouldn’t change anyone’s perception of how smart she was.

I don’t know if she believed it, but it felt good to give that pep talk.

And then there are the cats.

They’ve been in my home for two years this month, having arrived here through a convoluted route from their Oklahoma homeland. I am all but certain that they still do not know the names that they’ve had since birth.

At times, that makes them seem, well, dumb.

Yet their spatial intelligence astounds me. I’m in awe of their balance, physical dexterity, and how gracefully they leap up on my printer when they hear pigeons out my office window. It’s even more jarring as I find ways to injure myself getting into or out of bed.

So what do marketing intelligences look like?

Below is a guide to them and the roles that are most likely to tap into them.

Quantitative Intelligence

Pi first, pie later. If you’re good with spreadsheets and statistics, you’ve got this kind of intelligence down. You can use this skill to analyze data, figure out what’s working and what’s not, make smarter decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars, and figure out exactly how many bagels to buy for the days people are encouraged to show up at the office.

Most applicable roles:
-Marketing Analyst
-Media Planner

Empathic Intelligence

If I was reading this column aloud to you, your look alone would make me feel so understood. You appreciate how to build relationships, and how to build people up. While you’re adept at reading people, you’re even better at listening to them. You connect with customers and colleagues, understand their needs and wants, and build loyalty. Literally everyone can use an extra shoulder to lean on, and yours has the perfect padding.

Most applicable roles:
-Account Manager
-Department Head
-Head of Human Resources

Persuasive Intelligence

This is all about convincing people to get on board with your ideas and plans. When the team needs someone to rally them, you have your banner ready. Your skill is invaluable for persuading customers to buy products, negotiating with vendors, closing deals, and getting that prized candidate to see the benefits of joining your org even when you can’t match a higher offer.

Most applicable roles:
-General Manager
-Business Development Manager

Design Intelligence

A picture is worth a thousand prompts. You have an eye for visuals, making every to make things look good. In your roles, you can use this skill to conjure compelling images, landing pages, TikTok videos, and other assets that catch people’s attention and communicate your message. It’s not just any one image or video though. It’s how they all flow together – the gestalt that ladders up to a brand’s identity.

Most applicable roles:
-Graphic Designer
-Content Manager
-Creative Director

Linguistic Intelligence

You have a way with words and can craft a killer message. You don’t just love creating copy; you get how it flows and feels through its syntax and structure. Wherever the written or spoken word lives, you know how to make those words sink into people’s souls and spur people to act. Even if you’re not getting paid per word or directly for your words, there’s someone on the receiving end of your email who appreciates your coherence and clarity.

Most applicable roles:
-Content Marketing Manager
-Head of Communications

Strategic Intelligence

You see the forest for the trees, the mushrooms growing by the trees’ roots, and the ants taking shelter below the mushrooms. You develop big pictures and plot long-term plans. You identify trends and opportunities, and you can think strategically about how to achieve your goals and gain competitive advantages. Your thirst for cultural insights allows you to cross-pollinate ideas from disparate sources.

Most applicable roles:
-Brand Manager
-Head of Marketing

Entrepreneurial Intelligence

You identify new opportunities and take risks to achieve success. Whether you’re starting your own business or working in a marketing role at a multinational company, entrepreneurial intelligence is what’s empowering you to create something from nothing. This includes the ability to innovate and think divergently about new ways to achieve your goals. If you haven’t quit your day job yet and started something, you’re looking to create pilots with the scaffolding of a larger org.

Most applicable roles:
-Product Manager
-Marketing Consultant

One parting thought:

I considered some other types of intelligence, such as Creative Intelligence and Innovation Intelligence, but didn’t include them. That’s because creativity and innovation are valuable skills in all areas of marketing, regardless of specific roles. Everyone, regardless of their job title or function, can benefit from thinking creatively and finding new ways to approach problems and challenges.

I’m curious to get your take now.

Which kinds of intelligence do you lean on most?

And more importantly, what’s missing here?

I look forward to tapping into your intelligence, and your intelligences.



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Senior Vice President, Membership
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Customer Success Team Lead
“Adelaide is looking for a CS Team Lead for the Central/West regions to manage a team of CS individuals, develop client relationships and to ensure a positive client experience and a successful partnership. You’ll be joining a company making a positive impact on the digital media market using evidence-based metrics to increase the transparency of media quality. We’re remote for the foreseeable future, but you should expect to be in NYC a couple of times a year. This is a great role for someone excited about building out a team, whilst bridging the gap between our clients on the one hand and the Product, Sales, and Engineering teams on the other, keeping everyone up to speed on new developments, client requests, and technical challenges. The role reports into the VP, Customer Success.”

Growth Strategist
Via Galina in the community
“Memory Lane is actively building the product ahead of a Summer 2023 MVP release date, and we need a sharp growth strategy to support our market launch & initial expansion. Think all things marketing & revenue: growth marketing via paid channels like Facebook & Google, email campaigns, social media pages & promotion, content marketing and even PR. By definition, you’ll be building from scratch – so adaptability and creativity will be key. We’re still finding our voice & learning which channels will be most effective for us, so expect constant experimentation with a healthy dose of brand building, community management and visual expression / design. Measurement and a focus on data will be key, and we’ll work together hand-in-hand to define, refine, test & iterate on our core go-to-market hypotheses.”

Growth Marketing Lead
United States only
“SureCo is a health and insurance technology company focused on improving the health of Americans. Our products target B2B solutions in the group benefits space and deliver tailored offerings to individual members. As we continue to scale, we seek industry leaders, with proven track records in driving results, to join our team. Our medical weight loss division is a direct-to-consumer program that utilizes technology and personalized guidance to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We pride ourselves on our evidence-based approach and commitment to improving the lives of our clients. The Director level Growth Marketing Lead will be responsible for building and scaling the marketing function of this division, driving customer acquisition and revenue growth through the development and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of direct-to-consumer marketing, a proven track record of driving growth in a fast-paced, data-driven environment, and experience working in the healthcare industry.”

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