When Will Facebook Find Its Voice?

A more polished, edited version of this appeared in Ad Age. You’re stuck with the original ‘director’s cut’ here.  When Will Facebook Find Its Voice? Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and now Apple made their voice-activated hardware approaches clear. There’s one proverbial elephant that isn’t in the literal living room right now though: Facebook. Does that mean […]

Expanding EZPass

Idea of the day: Why not expand E-Z Pass (or toll tags, or whatever automated system you might have to pass through highway tolls quickly by paying automatically from a device inside your car) to shopping malls? They shouldn’t be confined to the highways, and large parking garages where visitors return sporadically and pay as […]

Branching into Family Trees

Courtesy of TechCrunch, Geni.com is one of my new online obsessions. It allows you to create family trees and collaborate with other family members. It’s hardly perfect. For instance, it’s slow, and you can’t put that a couple wasn’t married (the closest you can do is "divorced"), so it needs some fine tuning. I also […]