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The Ten Plagues of Social Media Slideshow

I’m a big fan of exploring new forms of storytelling, and in its most elemental form, slide shows are just another way to tell a story (even if they’re often used to poorly tell boring stories). In a first for me, I thought a recent column would lend itself well to an experiment where it’s retold as a slideshow, essentially becoming a short e-book.

The column, The Ten Plagues of Social Media, came out yesterday, comparing the plagues of ancient Egypt with those affecting social media today. I first created it in PowerPoint, then made a PDF of it and uploaded it to Slideshare. You can see that version first below, and you can freely download it there if it’s at all of interest. I’m not quite sure it’s a story you’ll want to print out and read to your kids though.

In a bit of serendipity, I happened to get in touch with the team at Sliderocket, which offers a new subscription-based slideshow creation tool with some snazzy features and advanced analytics. They offered to adapt my PowerPoint into a SlideRocket version, and I took them up on it. The creative work is fully theirs, and you can also download and embed that one.

If you do wind up checking out both I’m curious to hear which one you prefer, and I’ll share more thoughts on that soon.

SlideShare version:

SlideRocket version:

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