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You know the 80-20 rule, right?

Ever since reading Richard Koch’s book “The Natural Laws of Business” in 2001, I have seen the rule everywhere.

But as I’ve journeyed into fractional CMO work, I discovered a dimension of it that I previously didn’t appreciate.

The rule, known as the Pareto principle, states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

The simplified result is that by focusing on the 20% of your causes that lead to those 80% of outcomes, you can prioritize resources to address what matters.

It’s one of those equations that’s like the image of the Fibonacci sequence proportions. You keep seeing it pop up everywhere, and it feels like it can be infinitely applied.

I’ve been thinking about it way more since launching the FOAF.pro fraction-of-a-fractional CXO network a year ago. Can the FOAF model endure?

Not everyone thinks it does. I got on a call recently with a prominent voice and organizer in the fractional CXO space, and they were so skeptical about the FOAF value proposition that they told me I was giving fractionals a bad name.

Naturally, I loved that.

The model is also based on experience where even working with some clients an hour or two a week on a fraction-of-a-fractional basis, you can become part of a team over time and then pitch in more as needed.

A big reason it works is that it isn’t just the 80-20 rule at play, getting 80% of the value of working with someone for just 20% of the time.

The numbers themselves need to be adjusted for the FOAF model – it might be more about getting 50% of the value for 5% of the time.

The reason any of it works is that no matter what portion of time you hire someone for, you get 100% of their experience. Their insight. Their wisdom. Their network.

You might not get all the output. Someone isn’t going to build and run a department for you in a few hours. A lot of output takes time.

But expertise? You can get 100% of that. And if you can harness it well, that makes all the rest of the output more effective.

This is why there’s so much upside to the fractional workforce that hasn’t been fully realized yet. And it’s why models like FOAF that make it more accessible to buyers and sellers alike are only starting to communicate the value.

We’ll never get 100% of the way there, but if we even get a fraction of the way, it will make big strides in transforming organizational value.


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“Gopuff is the go-to solution for immediate everyday needs. The Vice President of Ads has/is: An accomplished, innovative and proven partnership and/or growth executive with an outstanding record of building and leading commercial organizations globally. Industry experience in retail media, eCommerce, adtech or broader data company experience. Deep success in brick and mortar operations and proven ability to increase KPIs such as traffic, conversion, and retention. Demonstrable track record of developing and closing strategic deals that have made major impacts for organizations and achieved strong outcomes for consumers and business results.”

Sr. Product Manager
United States
“Sunny is a first-of-its-kind technology application that suggests simple, science-based actions to help power human. The Product Manager has/is: Background: 5+ years of product management experience with at least 3+ years of experience working for a consumer facing mobile app and understands b2b2c. Proven track record of developing and launching successful products, with experience taking products from concept to launch and ideally has seen growth. Strong proficiency in data analytics, with hands-on experience using tools such as Amplitude to derive actionable insights.”

Chief Marketing Officer
United States
“Green & Tonic was established in 2012 in Darien, CT as a healthy option for those seeking balance and harmony via food. The Chief Marketing Officer has/is: 8-12 years of marketing experience within a fast-casual or QSR restaurant brand that has scaled from 5-50+ locations. Drive thru, delivery, vending experience a plus. Extensive marketing experience within G+T’s target demographic; elevated brand experience with a focus on product-market fit, customer growth, and branding. Results-Oriented with a Track Record of Driving Results; Player-coach with the ability to both lead strategically and drive execution.”

Brand Strategy Leader
Chicago, IL
“Back in the day, we founded DUDE Products out of our apartment in Chicago. The Brand Strategy Leader has/is: 3-5+ years in brand marketing; 10+ years overall in marketing. Industry Experience: Disruptive CPG startup. Proven ability to develop brand and marketing strategies and communicate recommendations to executives either for a singular brand or across a portfolio of brands within a singular vertical. Values fit: Self starter, hands off, detail-oriented.”

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