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I published a book under my name on Amazon this week. I haven’t read it, but it looks pretty good. I did spend a whole hour working on it.

AI did almost everything itself, including writing every word of the book’s 150 pages. It just doesn’t come with that sense of pride of becoming a published author.

It all started when my friend Jeremiah Owyang told me about this startup called Omniscience that publishes entire books based on prompts or other documents you upload. If you have an idea for what you want to say, you can do this in under five minutes, or just ask your AI platform of choice to wordsmith it for you.

I had to try it, using my FOAF.pro fraction-of-a-fractional CXO network as a test case. A half-hour after submitting the brief, Omniscience sent me links to the book in ePub (for Kindle publishing) and PDF formats, along with a cover image. The book was done.

Then, I published it. The Kindle process took a few minutes. Because I had to take this questionable idea a couple of steps further, I spent extra time creating paperback and hardcover editions. Claude generated the description.

So what didn’t AI do?

  • The original idea. I first ‘wrote’ a book on Omniscience called “Scaling Smarter: Agile and Adaptable Leadership in the Evolving Business Landscape.” Claude came up with that one, and I didn’t realize you couldn’t change anything once the book was delivered. I paid $20 (the price per book, after the first freebie) to try again. Worth it.

  • The title. Claude and ChatGPT came up with trite suggestions for the new edition. I stuck with the “FOAFing Around, Finding Out” phrase that has come up in various FOAF.pro materials.

  •  The prompt itself. I borrowed those directly from FOAFer Jessica Robinson who led the project to build our marketing deck. The description of the book was an amalgamation of our elevator pitch, mission, and values.

  • The paperback and hardcover designs. Omniscience supplied an image for the cover, which worked fine for the Kindle. But print editions have a back cover, and a spine for that matter. Claude wrote the description based on my book. I used a bio and headshot I had handy. For the paperback, I used a Midjourney illustration that I had saved from some other project. For the hardcover, Amazon wanted a higher resolution photo, so I gave up trying to find one good enough from my AI stash and stuck with Amazon’s stock art.

  • Set the pricing. I made the prices as low as possible so I wouldn’t make more than a few cents per book. This isn’t a revenue stream. At best, it’s a marketing tool for FOAF. Or maybe I’m just that generous.

  • Write this column about it. I probably could have an AI-generated how-to guide, but you’d miss all these personal experiences.

So, should you become a published author this way and have AI write your book? Say you’re a client asking me this. Here’s how I’d respond:

The short answer:

Probably not.

The long answer:

As soon as I received the finished product and saw ‘my’ book published, it felt like the most terrible of terrible ideas.

There’s part of me that, as a marketer, loves what you can do with this. But that part of me is the same part that would tell a client to eat a Twinkie covered in fire ants if it would get them some press. Marketing is messy, and sometimes dirty.

The rest of me was thinking, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” We’re on the fast track to the gates of hell, and it’s going to be bad for everyone.

We were already heading there in a handcart. As soon as ChatGPT gained steam less than a year ago, experts and apps were ready to help you publish a book using AI. But it was still a lot of work. ChatGPT and its peers wouldn’t spit out a whole book, however nicely you asked. And if you cared about what it was spitting out, you were spending all this time refining the content, tone, and style.

Now, it’s so easy that it feels worthless. And the bigger fear I have is that it will devalue the work that actual authors do.

Granted, for a book to make an impact, it has to be read by humans, not bots, and those people will have to get something out of the experience. This book might not be that bad, but it’s not something I’d want to read.

What if this gets worse though? I was able to set the Kindle price of the book for free as a promotion. Presumably, if I was unscrupulous, I’d have a bot farm ready to download the book en masse, and then have a large percentage of those readers write enough reviews to make it trending as a 4.5-star bestseller (it’d need some panning reviews for legitimacy). Then I could parlay that new status into a lucrative gig, like getting an advance on ‘my’ next book or raking in cushy speaking gigs.

For the record, I did none of that, and I won’t.

And also, if someone’s unscrupulous, they don’t need this tech to game the system and fake their way to the top. They could find other ways to shred any semblance of decency. Like, they could buy Twitter.

But the incentives align with doing more of this questionable behavior, not less. The phrase I wrote down immediately as I was outlining this column was “race to the bottom.”

This isn’t inevitable. Amazon can potentially flag books that are likely AI-generated and set limits for ‘authors’ uploading and promoting such works. The economics for companies flooding the zone with low-value content may prove to be inefficient. And it’s possible that most folks looking to use tools like these for more nefarious, manipulative purposes will find it easier to train email bots and stick to old-fashioned spamming and other ‘classic’ approaches to fraud.

I read books recently like Jared Belsky’s “You Get the Agency You Deserve” and Zain Raj’s “The Pyramid Puzzle,” along with the brilliant novel “The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store” by James McBride. I can feel the thought and effort and love that go into them.

And then I see how easy it is to call oneself a published author. Self-publishing brought a renaissance for independent writers to have a voice. But the democratization of publishing should, as a bare minimum, require the voices participating in a democracy to be human.



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