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Digiday Mobile: Mobile Marketer Roundtable: The Elephant in the Room: The Economy

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More Twitter Highlights Below from DigiDay Mobile:

The Mobile Marketer Roundtable: The Elephant in the Room: The Economy: What
impact will it have (or won&;t have) on mobile? And how can marketers
use mobile to gain the edge in a down market? How does an agency and
marketer justify spending on an emerging media platform such as mobile
in such turbulent times? And will brands spend more on Mobile this
year? How does a brand value the mobile consumer and the ROI associated
with it? And how are brands integrating mobile into other channels?
What are the current barriers for scale? Is it the technology? The
carriers? The consumer? The advertiser? The marketers, carriers,
technology execs, and buyers debate and reveal the issues and what the
future holds for mobile.
Moderator: Dan Frommer, Senior Editor, Silicon Alley Insider

Jordan Berman, Executive Director, Media Innovation, AT&T Mobility
Mitch Paletz Head of&; Premium Publisher Partnerships, Nokia Interactive
Maria Mandel, Senior Partner, Executive Director Digital Innovation, Ogilvy
Rob Wilk, VP, ChaCha
Jorey Ramer, Founder, JumpTap
June Bower, VP of Marketing, Cisco-WebEx

AMediaCircus: "we are in the first innings of mobile…20% of US users us web on their phone" danfrommer #digiday

DorianBenkoil: #digiday WebEx now available for iPhone. Exec then says "3G" phone – so maybe others, too.

ggertz: #digiday
ChaCha presentation – service seems cool – txt a question to 242242 and
they answer it. Embed a small ad in the response. Nifty!

annemai: #digiday Maria Mandel Exec Director, Digital Innov Ogilvy talking about how clients r using mobile 4 advertising – focusing on sms,

ahynes1: #digiday Maybe I&39;ve been at conferences too much. "Eyeballs" really annoys me. What about "Eyeballs connected to brains" curmudgeon

annemai: Oh yeah, June Bower is reminding us that while parents may not money, their teens still do #digiday

ggertz: #digiday combination of smartphones for work + kids who SMS make adults a target market for mobile content. IMHO this gets over looked

digiday: Mitch Paletz from Nokia: Automotive brands have tested mobile with good results- call to action campaigns. Mercedes, Ford, etc. #digiday

JasonDPG: #digiday live poll: 58% feel the mobile channel is experimental 42% proven

DorianBenkoil: &39;i got hung up on 3 time s from the airport&39;. AT&"T guy: You should use AT&T. Answer: I am on AT&T, an iPhone." #digiday

ahynes1: #digiday Mobile phones are a swiss army knife, a TV to TV people, a computer to computer people, etc.

LorenDavie: First use of "tipping point" by a presenter. I should have brought a hip flask. #digiday

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