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OMMA: Wikipedia – The Perfect SEO Storm

Moderator: Josh Palau, Group Director, Search, Avenue A | Razorfish

Don Steele, Comedy Central: CC treats Wikipedia as a friend, accepting that it will rank first for a wide range of terms that relate to its shows. As a rule, people at Comedy Central, or parent Viacom, don’t edit pages that relate to their properties.

Craig Hordlow, Red Bricks Media
: Wikipedia doesn’t include meta information since the content’s so fresh, the first line of the text is usually up to date and thus very relevant. Still, when he summed up SEO on one slide, he didn’t discuss inbound links from other sites. That’s such a huge part of search engine optimization, it needs to be included. He did get to external linking after internal linking. For external linking, he referred to the “link condom” that’s the “nofollow” attribute to prevent a site from conveying external link value to other sites. Still, given how much Wikipedia benefits from inbound links from other sites, that was at least at worth a mention. During Q&A, he mentioned that linking out from our your own site is a bad idea given that you do help your competitors.

Tom Troja, Pajamas Media
: Trust is a big issue, but Wikipedia has done a great job establishing trust. 

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