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Just as the rooster observes the northern lights, the quest for AI-led marketing transformation dances like a marble in the wind.

That opening line was indeed written by ChatGPT after I kept turning up the temperature – this time to 100. ChatGPT begged me not to (really).*

I did it anyway. We need AI to do our bidding, not the other way around.

And that leads us to today’s story….

The AI Marketers Guild is coming, but it wasn’t the original plan for the future of Serial Marketers.

In January, as I transitioned out of Mediaocean and restarted my consulting business, I was having a lot of conversations with others about what the future of Serial Marketers would look like.

There was one non-starter: the community wouldn’t shift to a subscription-only model. I couldn’t take away the value that I still feel in many ways is only just beginning to manifest itself.

Heck, just last week, I got this note from a community member:

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve gotten a lot of great leads from Serial Marketers as I start up my business (usually the wanted and jobs channels). Thank you for creating and managing this group!”

That’s the goal for the community, and the goal remains to create more opportunities for members.

There have been some sponsorships coming through for the community, but it’s unpredictable. Shifting from a sponsorship to a corporate subscription model could help fund the community and allow for more of those opportunities to surface, all while co-creating more content with such subscribers that would further add value to the community.

That was the idea, at least, and it led to the conceptual birth of the Serial Marketers Association (SMA). If you were one of the handful of people to see the plan for it, it is now a collector’s item.

I was constantly iterating on the SMA plan after getting feedback, and it got stronger by the week. During regular catch-ups with my former colleague Aaron Goldman at Mediaocean, I’d incorporate his ideas at times before we even got off Zoom. After drinks one night with Jon Bond now of Weightless.co fame, I added a new section that was cribbed entirely from his idea.

There were two challenges holding me back though.

One was that I still had a hard time crystallizing the mission for what the SMA mission would be apart from the broader community’s mission. I was confident in being able to put together a plan that delivered disproportionate value, but the core of the SMA’s raison d’être eluded me.

The other is that there was something else I really wanted to do, and I couldn’t do both.

After a few conversations with my long-time colleague and collaborator Leo Morejon, I put together a new draft for what was initially named the AI Marketers Association as a working title while Leo started building an idea we had been toying with to deploy AI in a surprising way (we’ll share it soon). After a bit of added inspiration from Jeremiah Owyang, the association became and remains the AI Marketers Guild.

The AIMG was born!

It was too good and too timely not to pursue – a group where we could go deep into what’s happening with AI, while keeping that lens of it all being ‘by marketers, for marketers.’

AIMG uses much of the SMA scaffolding. But it has a clearer sense of purpose. A number of elements got stripped out, and others got refocused around AI.

The appeal of focusing on AI right now is obvious, so I won’t belabor that here. Granted, before I sat down to write this whole piece, I was riffing on some ideas with ChatGPT (now in native iOS app form!), and it spit out this haiku:

Yet came AI’s song,
A tune both strange and profound
In its depth, I’m bound.

Or there’s the version that ChatGPT shared to the tune of the “Fresh Prince” theme song:

When a little idea, it was up to some good,
Started making shifts in our marketing brotherhood.
One small pivot and my buddy Leo got clear,
He said, “We’re movin’ on to AI, there’s a new frontier here.”

And, for good measure, a take on “The Raven”:

Then this AI bird beguiling our sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
“Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,” we said, “art sure no craven,
Ghastly grim and ancient Guild wandering from the Nightly shore—
Tell us what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”
Quoth the Guild, “AI Marketers Guild.”

Okay, Poe can still keep his day job.

Lest we get too carried away, there is a real, less poetic mission for AIMG:

“The AI Marketers Guild is dedicated to empowering marketing professionals in the rapidly evolving field of AI marketing. We aim to address key challenges by fostering a collaborative community, offering targeted professional development and networking opportunities, and enabling members to showcase and grow their businesses within our network. Our supportive platform encourages members to share knowledge, access resources, and build lasting connections that drive success in AI marketing.”

It’s coming.

Very soon.

And if you want to be a charter member, sign up at aimarketersguild.com.

Better yet, just respond to me, and I’ll send you the member preview deck. I’d love your feedback. I can always use a few more ideas to steal.

I mean, borrow.

I mean, generate.

It’s the generative, iterative, cooperative AIMG.

See you there?


* An alternative opening line from ChatGPT: “The sunflower of marketing evolution, like a jazz-playing octopus, has birthed a new rhythm, strumming the chords of the AI Marketers Guild.” I think we have a new mascot.


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Keep checking out the #jobs channel in Serial Marketers for more. You can also see our full list of job resources here. Here are some great opportunities shared in these places or sent to me directly.

Growth Marketing Lead
United States only
“SureCo is a health and insurance technology company focused on improving the health of Americans. Our products target B2B solutions in the group benefits space and deliver tailored offerings to individual members. As we continue to scale, we seek industry leaders, with proven track records in driving results, to join our team. Our medical weight loss division is a direct-to-consumer program that utilizes technology and personalized guidance to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We pride ourselves on our evidence-based approach and commitment to improving the lives of our clients. The Director level Growth Marketing Lead will be responsible for building and scaling the marketing function of this division, driving customer acquisition and revenue growth through the development and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of direct-to-consumer marketing, a proven track record of driving growth in a fast-paced, data-driven environment, and experience working in the healthcare industry.”

Junior Influencer & Partnerships Coordinator
“We are looking for a Junior Influencer & Partnerships Coordinator (remote) to join our team and growing agency! The perfect Jiver is a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, self-starter with at least 6
months Social Media experience complemented with time management and organization skills, a committed work ethic, capable of taking initiative and strong writing and social media skills. We’re looking
for that all-star with a lot of creativity, spunk, and most importantly, an obsession with influencer
marketing. The role will include working closely with the executive level team, other account team members, as well as clients on specific day-to-day deliverables to implement Social Media and Influencer campaigns. Jive is in the midst of expanding and bringing on more clients. In order to maintain the personal, ‘boutique’ feel of the individual, nurturing relationships with these clients, the perfect candidate will be integral in making this transition happen. A focus on client service and building loyalty is key.”

PR & Corporate Communications Manager
“We are looking for a PR & Corporate Communications Manager interested in starting a SWEET career as part of our Integrated Marketing Communications team, working between our newly established New York City office location and PIM’s Corporate Headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey. PIM’s new PR & Corporate Communications Manager will play a key role shaping and promoting our corporate identity and mission to key internal and external stakeholders such as current and future PIM associates, customers, trade partners, and the general public. This high exposure role will work directly with the Director of Integrated Marketing on PR activations, corporate partnerships, philanthropic initiatives, and various trade-related communications. Helping to ensure that PIM shows up with a consistent tone of voice and look and feel across all touchpoints they will own the ongoing management of PIM’s corporate website, intranet, and social media channels, collaborating across the organization to source news and materials, in addition to developing press releases, corporate presentations and templates, and related materials.”

Senior Paid Ads Specialist (E-commerce Funnels & Influencer Whitelisting)
“This role is directly responsible for setting up and managing paid ad funnels across Meta, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for e-commerce brands using click funnels. You’ll be responsible for developing targeting and budget recommendations, launching campaigns on various platforms, optimizing ads based on KPIs, reporting on campaign metrics, and providing actionable recommendations for improving performance on an ongoing basis. We work with a lot of influencers, and this ideal candidate will have a track record of ROI positive whitelisting advertising campaigns (putting paid ads behind influencer channels). This is a prime opportunity for a skilled, self-motivated paid media specialist, who has demonstrated a record of success in e-commerce, to showcase their expertise and make an immediate impact on a rapidly growing digital agency.”

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Do you run or enjoy other job listing sites? Let me know, and I’ll share them.————————————————–

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