Old Marketer Berkowitz had troubles of his own
He had a kid with thoughts of cats that would not leave her alone
He had to give the first pair of adopted cats away
But he found another pair who came from far, far away

The cats came back. You thought that they were goners?

This Sunday, I adopted a pair of kitten brothers from Oklahoma.

I didn’t know they were from Oklahoma until I adopted them. While I’ve been to Oklahoma and thus have heard of it, I hadn’t heard of South Salem, NY, 30 miles from where I grew up in Mamaroneck, all within the same county of Westchester. South Salem is the home of Rock n’ Rescue, a non-profit agency devoted to rescuing and re-homing pets in need.

I should have realized that Rock n’ Rescue was located just six miles from 1407 Graymalkin Lane, which in the X-Men comics is in Salem Center but on Google Maps is in North Salem. This is the home of the X-Mansion.

My pets don’t have any superpowers that I’m aware of beyond having mind control over my seven-year-old daughter. That is more impressive than freezing people, levitating them, or firing electromagnetic playing cards at them (sure, Gambit’s due for his own movie any day now).

Most fascinating to me was the decision-making process that got us here. Below is the epic 10-step process that got us to today breaking it all down, with way too many takeaways for what this means for marketers. Buckle up.

  1. Realize that there is a goal that is remotely plausible. It didn’t need to be probable. The more that my daughter encountered friends with pets, books about pets, and pop culture examples involving minors taking care of pets, the more it seemed like there is a scenario where any kid might get a pet. What’s critical is that if the consumer doesn’t realize something is possible, it can’t happen.

    Few people seemed to know non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were possible to own until last year, and then within months, Saturday Night Live aired a music video about them. (We’re also hosting an event about them today.) I’d argue that most people who were inclined to support marriage equality laws, or who weren’t fundamentally against them, didn’t advocate for them until marriage equality seemed like it was legally achievable here. Education and inspiration are critical to show that a possibility exists.

  2. Start lobbying for any potentially favorable scenario. In this case, the objective was to get a pet, not a certain kind of pet. In Manhattan, a pet horse was not plausible. My daughter knew of some sub-optimal experiences I had with members of the rodent family in my youth, so she assumed those weren’t a possibility either (she was partially right). Cats or dogs seemed equally appealing, so her lobbying was scattershot. My daughter taped a sign to her bed that read, “I either want a cat or a dog.”

    It’s like when someone wants a trip – regardless of where. Or are you someone like me who has researched Mirror, Peloton, and other contenders like FightCamp while your goal is to ultimately decide on one of them? (I’ll admit that I really want FightCamp. Have you tried it? Let me know.)

  3. Narrow the focus. Scattershot lobbying doesn’t help too much. There’s not as clear an ask. My daughter had a pivotal conversation with her babysitter where my daughter wound up convinced (at least half-correctly) that she was a cat person. My daughter amended the sign on her bed with additional text: “I want a cat a lot more.” The sign remains affixed there.

    Now the goal was clear. What wasn’t clear was how to best achieve it. Ever been there? Me too.

  4. Pick your target. This was an easy choice. Only one of her parents had a bullseye on their back and the word “sucker” spray-painted all over them.

    It’s not always this easy. For instance, if your objective is to secure voting rights for all Americans, do you prioritize state legislatures, the Supreme Court, or giving Senator Joe Manchin a life-sized, $50 billion NFT version of Senator Joe Manchin?

  5. Seal the deal. If only giving a $50 billion NFT to Senator Joe Manchin in exchange for weakening the filibuster and securing voter rights was as achievable as getting a kid a pair of bonded brother kittens, America’s security of its democratic institutions would look much different.

    Also, America’s apartment might smell like cats.

  6. Reevaluate the purchase. Sometimes, you don’t get what you want. Maybe Jeff Bezos won’t like his $500 million planet-sized yacht. Or in our case, maybe the first cats I got that seemed to need a bit of adjustment actually were terrible around children and liked to scratch any human that came near them.

    The test here was to overcome the sunk cost fallacy. Even though there was such a high emotional cost with moderate financial investment, the smarter move was to cut bait a few weeks into this relationship rather than have these cats stuck in the wrong home for them for the next 10 to 20 years. They found another loving home, and we were left without any additional mammals living here.

  7. Ideate around EVERY possible option. One aspect of marketing that I love is that you wind up being an expert about tequila one day, sneakers another, and enterprise resource management software the next. You have every opportunity to be the most or least interesting person at a cocktail party (and we can go to cocktail parties again!).

    Researching pets, we cast a wide net. There was the week when my daughter was obsessed with turtles – until she wasn’t. She was a dog person for about two months after walking her grandmother’s dog in Dallas a few times. We looked into parakeets and parrots. We at least considered the idea of rodents. While ferrets are not legal in New York City, there was a day when the two of us wound up being among the foremost experts on fennec fox adoption – which apparently one can do, but in most situations shouldn’t.

    Ever work at one of those companies where there’s the person who likes to say, “There are no bad ideas in brainstorms”? That person is (usually) the worst. But it’s fun to have a few stretches where there are no bad ideas – just unexpected possibilities.

  8. Narrow the focus. Sooner or later, one must acknowledge that there aren’t just bad ideas but ideas one regrets spending more than five seconds consideriing them (see: fennec foxes living in a cozy two-bedroom Manhattan apartment with no direct outdoor access). In our case, my daughter returned to her feline instincts. A cat person was reborn.

    This also takes some maturity to accept that you were right the first time. It’s like when you’re dating and discover you have a type, and then you decide you’ll go wild and try to meet a person or two who is absolutely not your type. Sometimes, you have to accept you have that type, and that’s what works for you.

    Similarly, sometimes, you have to accept that no matter how much you want to Dispo your Clubhouse NFT TikTok Spaces, search and social ads are what make you money. That’s okay bro, or sis, or non-binary fictitious sibling.

  9. Seal the deal. My daughter set a wide radius on Petfinder to find the new cats. She’s a little different from me. The first time around, I got a recommendation from a friend for a shelter a short walk from my home. This time, we wound up driving hours to get kittens that meow with a twang from the southern Great Plains (I almost wrote “Great Palins,” which is as geographically inaccurate as it is oxymoronic).

    You need to follow through. Execution is everything. Get it done. Or as the sweatshirt I got from Family Discount once read in oversized blue lettering plastered across the chest, “Surf, Surf, Never Surrender.” I have no clue what that means, but the sweatshirt must have been on clearance, and it seems like a great title for a future newsletter. Really though, mom, what were you thinking?

  10. Hope it sticks. This column is running 1,400 words already. I’m not sure I have the energy to write a sequel. Those darn cats just couldn’t stay away.


P.S.: Today’s Serial Marketers Salon will be about using non-fungible tokens for marketing. Curious about NFTs, but not sure where to start? Join our guest speakers, Shelly Palmer, crypto pundit and advisor to business leaders, and Todd Cooper, CEO of the NFT management platform NuArca, to find out how you could make it work for your brand. Thanks David Cutler for organizing this one!

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June 23, 12 pm
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Director of Marketing
Via Dwight Griesman in the community
“The Director of Marketing at Severalnines will be expected to craft and execute strategies that drive traffic of high-quality leads to our website to contribute to the growth of our community user and customer base. The Director will also develop the strategy to craft content that both acquires, converts, and educates our current and potential customers before, during, and after the sales process.”

Communications Contractor
Remote US
“AJL seeks strategic communications support including planning, advisory, data platform improvements, and execution capacity. In particular we need support to maximize impact during an upcoming multi-million dollar ad campaign that rolls out in August- September 2021. This role is an initial 3 month contract, with possibility of renewal through December of 2021.”

Head of Content Marketing
NYC or remote
Via Dori Fern in the community
“As head of Content Marketing at Codecademy you will play a vital role in helping us build Codecademy’s reputation as the most trusted brand and effective platform for learners from all backgrounds to master technical skills anywhere in the world, through content that educates and inspires.”

Client Solutions Manager
Via Shawn Kallet in the community
“We are looking for a highly skilled and driven individual to build and manage relationships with clients – both supply (content creators and studios, for example) and demand (brands and media agencies amongst others). The Manager, Client Solutions will tailor campaigns for Mirriad’s clients in the US market, partnering with Content Creators, Sports Leagues, , Advertisers and Agencies to develop in-video advertising solutions that drive new revenue.”

Various agency roles
Via Rachel Hirshl in the community
A ton of jobs and new hires needed for my agency Power Digital Marketing. 5 year winner of INC best places to work! Amazing shop, clients & leadership. If you are in paid social, paid media, Amazon or content dev, check us out and DM me your resume!

Marketing Director / Manager
Via Alyssa Petersel in the community
“We are seeking a Director of Marketing  to help revolutionize how health care is delivered to millions of seniors across America.  As the lead of our marketing efforts, you will work with the CEO to develop and execute go-to-market strategies, partner with the sales team to target C-Suite executives, and collaborate with Customer Success to brand the experience of clinicians, patients and family members.”

Director, Global Marketing
Via David Cooperstein in the community
“As our Director of Global Marketing, your core responsibility will be to make sure the world understands our story and why our platform should be part of their marketing portfolio. The sharper our message, the more memorable it will be, and the faster our marketing flywheel will rotate.”

Audience Development Associate
Via Don Steele in the community:
“G/O Media is looking for an Audience Development Associate to join the Audience Development team in our New York office. The position, reporting to the Head of Audience Development, will work with multiple stakeholders across the company with the goal of driving growth and engagement for G/O Media brands.  “

Digital Web Optimization Manager
Newtown Square, PA
Via Miguel Oliveira in the community:
“I’m looking for a Product Manager to join my team and be responsible for owning and optimizing our websites. Great travel perks and good company to be part of (AMResorts, part of Apple Leisure Group – we manage luxury all inclusive resorts including Secrets, Dreams, Zoetry, Breathless and others). Ideally East Coast-based but flexible depending on skills match.”

Brand Account Strategist
Seattle, WA
Via Diana Fryc in the community:
“As an Account Strategist at Retail Voodoo you will lead teams day-to-day in identifying opportunities, structuring approaches and inspiring new thinking. We expect you to combine elements of right- and left-brain thinking in order to approach challenges both critically and creatively while communicating persuasively and demonstrating an uncompromising work ethic.”

Human Resources Manager
Via Marc Goldberg in the community:
“Method Media Intelligence (MMI) is expanding and we’re looking to bring an experienced Human Resources Manager (HRM) onto the team. This is an exciting opportunity to take on a critical role as MMI’s first HRM. You’ll be helping our company strategically gain a competitive advantage by supporting our high performing, people-oriented workplace while seeking out top talent as we continue to expand.”

Director, Social Media Content Strategy & Analytics
NY or Orlando FL
Via Doron Wesly:
“A once-in-a-life-time opportunity for a strategic creative professional who loves sports… The USTA is seeking the ultimate social media guru who can lead one of the largest global sports event… the USOPEN! AND growing community tennis.”

Growth Lead
Via Nishant Mani in the community:
“Terra.do is an climate education and career transition platform with the mission to get 100M people working on climate this decade. We’re looking for a great growth lead to join us. We’re a small, seed-funded, remote-only, slightly crazy place (detailed below).”

Senior Director of Product Marketing
San Francisco, CA
“A tactile marketer with experience creating product marketing content and tools including website pages, use-cases, product sheets, etc., the future Senior Director of Product Marketing has:
* 6-10 years of experience in a product marketing function in the B2B Enterprise SaaS industry
* Hyper-growth startup background with experience in GTM strategy and leading / hiring successful product marketing teams
* Proven success building the content marketing strategy to build the lead funnel
* Experience working with sales enablement to ensure internal and external stakeholder success

More via Hunt Club
* The Azek Company: CMO (Open to remote)
* Codeverse: VP Marketing (Los Angeles, CA)
* Stealth Mode Marketing Agency: Head of Brand Strategy/Founding Partner (United States)

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  • Wanted: Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay.

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