SXSW may be the nice-to-have and not need-to-have tentpole show for marketers, but 2023 feels like the festival we’ve been waiting for.

At my first SXSW 15 years ago, I remember going to some mixer that was mostly attended by people in the film industry. I was at 360i, and few agencies were sending people to Austin for the event.

My first observation was that people from the corporate world were quick to ask, “What do you do?” Artists were quick to ask, “What are you into?”

It still haunts me all the time when I ask people so quickly what they do, which company they’re with, and what role they’re in. It’s the cognitive dissonance of missed opportunity. Perhaps I’ve stuck to my old habits because when I was first asked “What are you into?” at what I thought was a professional event, I was unprepared to answer.

SXSW holds a unique place for ‘suits’ (even if most of us ‘suits’ attending SXSW prefer t-shirts and jeans) in that it’s the event, conference, or festival that welcomes the corporate crowd while placing culture at the center. The people who I know who get the most out of SXSW, and I say this enviously as I don’t count myself among them, are the ones who go deepest into culture. No one in my rolodex does this better than Michael Miraflor, currently of Hannah Grey fame. If you follow him, you’re nodding your head right now. So much of SXSW was built for someone like Michael, and the rest of us (myself included) are gobbling up the scraps. It’s okay — scraps can be delicious and filling, as you know if you’ve ever sampled burnt ends at a Hill Country barbecue joint.

What SXSW lacked for about a decade was a flashpoint for corporate folks. “Understanding culture,” sadly, isn’t the easiest case to make for a brand manager or senior agency exec when requesting travel budgets, even if understanding what makes people tick should be the top priority for marketers. All the better if we could prioritize understanding what moves people.

The social tech era around 2007-2012, more or less, is what put SXSW on the map for brands and agencies. Stars from that era include Twitter, a once-thriving social utility whose new owner traffics so hard in misogyny and ableism that you’d think he was running for president. The birth of Foursquare left its mark, especially since YES I AM STILL ON SWARM AND I WILL TELL ANYONE I CAN WHY I STILL LOVE IT (breathe, David). And then there were less successful but memorable experiments like Hashable, which tried to replace business cards. Predictably and unexpectedly at the same time, the social tech that has come closest to replacing business cards is the QR code button on LinkedIn.

Over the past decade, SXSW kept humming. There was less of a breakout hit and more of the culture stuff — that perfect cauldron of ideas, brand activations, art, and brisket. Some VR and AR activations ensued. And people kept reconnecting out there. One year during this era, I wrote – and this is no exaggeration – the strangest piece I’ve ever published, an Ad Age byline recapping SXSW 2017 using Topo Chico as a metaphor. I have no clue what I was trying to do here other than publish something, anything, after a few exhausting days that left me bewildered. The editors occasionally let a doozy slide. Tip for first-timers who drink: stick to drinking Topo before sundown, and you’ll feel WAY better the next day.

Social tech may make a comeback this year. First of all, all the groups on WhatsApp, Telegram, and elsewhere are out of control. 2023 may be the SXSW my daughter remembers as the year Daddy got one notification too many and threw his phone on the subway tracks before even leaving New York. Speaking of social tech nostalgia, Gowalla is attempting a comeback. Yes, I’m on the app. And yes, my biggest SXSW regret is tossing my old Gowalla t-shirts that I collected at their parties for a few years. I still have my Foursquare shirts, but damn, I miss Gowalla’s. That’s what I get for reading Marie Kondo.

There’s a new app joining the fray, Truffel by Niantic of Pokemon Go fame. Feel free to reply to see if I have any spare invites as of when this is published. I may not. The cooler SXSW kids I know are rushing there to claim usernames. I couldn’t get “david” or “dave” so I was boring and stuck with “dberkowitz” since at least it’s one that I’ll remember. I’m saying that to make myself feel better as I follow Matt Wurst who snagged “matt.” I mean, well done, Matt. Separately, I’m seeing some explore using Saturday to find friends, not just at SXSW but elsewhere like NYC, so check it out even if you’re not attending.

2022 could have and should have been a pivotal year for SXSW’s tech-centric comeback given the rise of web3. The interest in NFTs added an artistic layer to it, making it perfect for SXSW. The longest lines last year were indeed at the Doodles coffee shop where you could get your NFT as latte art. But NFTs still have questionable use cases for most people, and a Covid wave early last year made many people who were already skittish about in-person events sit out another round.

With 2023 being the Year of Generative AI, we have the perfect storm:

*Technology that immediately gained widespread adoption by businesses and consumers

  • Transformative applications that affect how a wide, diverse array of people do their jobs
  • Audio-visual manifestations (eg DALL-E 2 and peers) with seemingly unlimited potential spanning different forms of media
  • Countless questions about the role of people and tech working together, including but not limited to rethinking the definition of “art”
  • Thorny legal issues that don’t fit neatly into an ideological spectrum; these get to the heart of who created what, who owns what, and whose inventions can be reworked by other people and technologies

The only downside? This storm hit us after the 2023 SXSW speaker submissions were closed. Some sessions address these issues, but not to the extent you’d expect. For 2024’s conference, every other proposal (maybe every) will have an AI hook.

SXSW 2023 should be bustling, but after a quiet comeback in 2022, many of the suits still aren’t sure whether SXSW matters. It still has that “spring break for nerds” reputation, rather than Cannes which is “spring break for nerds who have much bigger expense accounts.”

Maybe it’s a year early for this to be the SXSW renaissance. Maybe 2023 can be the prep year to ensure 2024 is the most impactful one yet, and one where there’s more cross-pollination of the suits, the artists, and everyone else.

Those who are returning are gung ho and are determined to crash WhatsApp, Telegram, Truffel, Saturday, Gowalla 2, and any app that gets in their paths.

I’ll be out there, Swarming away, checking into the Sheraton by 10pm but pretending to be off the grid so my friends there think I’m somewhere way more exciting.


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Lead, Mobile Analytics
Via Amelia in the community
“WorkReduce is seeking an analytics expert with experience driving user acquisition in mobile apps. As Lead, Mobile Analytics, you will maintain communication and collaboration with our client and media teams to support and implement high-quality, data-driven decisions. What You’ll Do: -Design and build dashboards that provide weekly actionable insights on how the business is growing new users. -Apply analytics best practices to help drive and maintain customer growth on the mobile app. -Document and train the existing team on how to keep the weekly new user dashboard populated.”

Head of Product Marketing and Growth
Greater New York City Area
“Wiza is a sales enablement platform that helps enterprises automate lead generation by extracting email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Their mission is to help users identify lead emails via artificial intelligence (AI) technology and export custom searches and lead data in CSV format. They are seeking an experienced and results-driven Head of Marketing and Growth to lead and execute the company’s marketing and growth strategies. 7+ years of experience in marketing and growth, ideal experience within SaaS organizations or lead generation; Strong leadership skills and experience managing cross-functional teams; Knowledge of marketing automation, analytics, and A/B testing tools.”

Manager, Digital Media Buyer
Via Amelia in the community
“As Manager, Digital Media Buyer, you will work in conjunction with our planning teams and be responsible for the negotiating and purchasing of digital media real estate. What you’ll do: -Work with Research and Analytics to collect relevant information on past performance. -Meet with industry representatives to gain insight into all phases and points of contact for media partners. -Keep up to date on all communications with the planning team, including buy authorizations, tracking reports, buy changes, creative specifications, etc. -Oversee associates work with planning teams and ad ops. -Ongoing management of campaigns.”

Growth & Social Strategist
United States only
$40 – $60/hr
“Responsibilities: -Execute and optimize our social media strategy across multiple social channels. -Determine new social media channel opportunities and test for effectiveness. -Oversee social research, planning, calendaring, creative development, publishing, moderation, and reporting. -Understand historical narratives in the crypto space and observe current industry events. -Monitor crypto and NFT trends to identify engagement opportunities. -Curate, write, schedule, and interact with social media posts. -Interface with and Support, Growth, Product, Brand, and Comms teams. -Maintain social media tracking, data presentation, and perform optimizations. -Follow and contribute to brand and content guidelines.”

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