1. Conferences and Events
Sarah Dickinson, Strategy Director, Blast Radius Alexandra Wheeler, Director, Digital Strategy, Starbucks From Ideals to Ideas Navigating New Channels: Building Your Brand for the Social Age Context: Starbucks (RED): For every beverage purchased, $0.05 went to global fund Things used to be simpler (yes, hearing that a lot here). “If Twitter carries on at the […]
  1. Books
This post was inspired by the comments from a reader who wrote: I was a bit surprised when I read Jonah Bloom’s column in Advertising Age about the ‘Top 10 Media and Marketing Books of All Time’ (http://adage.com/bookstore/post?article_id=134945) because I thought there was a glaring absence of any digitally-focused books. Though I agree that #1 […]
  1. Flubs, Gaffes, and Blunders
Rule #1 of online marketing: if you’re starting an organization, register the domain name. Working Families for Wal-Mart, the "independent" organization created by Wal-Mart’s PR firm, Edelman, forgot to register the .com domain. Now, http://workingfamiliesforwalmart.com isn’t the best source of PR for the retail giant. Source: Web Strategy by Jeremiah – Walmart Brand Hijack Blog.
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