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  The Product Hunt newsletter headline as I write this is “TikTok as a Search Engine.” The Hustle went with a similar theme this week – “Google’s got competish.” Adorbs. The crux: Alphabet is touting how TikTok and Instagram are popular search engines for younger consumers, and per the logic of American-style capitalism, this benefits Alphabet by […]
  1. Emerging Media
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360i's Startup Outlook is back for October, this time focusing on companies changing how we watch video and use it for marketing: Broadcast for Friends from Ustream,&0160;SundaySky,&0160;Tout,&0160;Viddy&0160;and&0160;VideoGenie. Read and download the report directly here, sign up for updates at StartupOutlook.com, and catch a detailed recap on 360i&39;s blog.&0160;
  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Social Media
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It’s about time. Google’s finally starting to use speech recognition for video search. I still don’t know why it hasn’t just acquired Blinkx and owned the market. Compared to YouTube, Blinkx would be a bargain, and they could monetize it better. Anyway, the rollout could hardly be more limited. It’s only for political speeches, and […]
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