The cliché of getting ideas in the shower feels a little… well… washed up.

Sometimes, clichés are true though.

I had an epiphany in the shower months ago that led to a new project publicly launching now, and it’s a site that may help you launch your next big idea.

Before there was the shower moment though, there was a spreadsheet.

And before there was a spreadsheet, there was me forgetting some tool that I loved when I was at some previous job.

As I looked up the tool, I started a spreadsheet to keep track of that and others.

As I added others, I organized it better.

As I organized it better, I cleaned it up and started sharing it with people.

As I shared it, I added even more. I marked if tools were free. I highlighted new entries.

But I kept it as a spreadsheet. It’s still fairly current. I like it.

But this spreadsheet had a dream of becoming so much more.

It wanted to spread its sheety little cells and evolve into a new life form.

It wanted to be… a website.

Well, that seemed kind of dull. Really, that was its dream?

So the dream died. “Stay a spreadsheet,” I told her. “You’ll be happier that way. And you provide so much value to people just the way you are.”

But then the rain started to pour. Lathered up with my Old Spice 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that I use as body wash too when there isn’t anything else around because I am an adult male in my 40s who does not know the difference between shampoo and conditioner and body wash, I had a vision.

That vision was of…

A website.


The spreadsheet was right all along.

But she didn’t dream big enough as to what kind of website she’d be.

My vision was of a site that would allow other people to vote up entries. They could even submit new ones.

But voting and submitting wouldn’t be open to just anyone.

It would be open solely to members of Serial Marketers.

Those members are vetted in one of two ways: by me or by you.

If they come to serialmarketers.net and click “join now,” they’re vetted by me. I check out everyone who applies. I accept more than 90% since most come via word of mouth or a relevant source, but some riffraff tries to come through.

No soup for them.

If they’re referred by members of the community directly through the Slack app, they’re let in almost automatically. Weston Woodward or I will approve them.

It’s always Weston though. He is WAY faster than me. Thanks, Weston.

We have a perfect track record of members referring members.

That means people who are allowed to vote up entries are vetted. You can’t have 100 people from a startup all vote up the same listing unless all 100 are in the community. Bot farms don’t work here. There’s friction.

It’s a good kind of friction.

That friction could in turn lead people to discover this spreadsheet-turned-website and have them request access to the community.

They all feed each other.

After that shower, smelling older and spicier than I ever smelled before, I rushed to my laptop and described the idea to Alastair Marcellan, my developer.

Several months later, it’s now live.

It’s even alive.

As they’d say in Bull Durham, a movie I am determined to quote incessantly during baseball season, it made it to The Show.

That means you can check it out too — visit marketerfaves.com.

Find your faves. Vote for them. Submit new ones (Alastair made that part super easy). For 10 $CMO coins, you can even sponsor the site.

Test it. Get some recommendations. Break the site. Let me know what works and what doesn’t.

Discover a few new tools.

Get some inspiration.

You may even wind up so determined to build something that you decide to take a shower.

It’s worth it.


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Alternating Thursdays, 12pm
Join the virtual 1:1 rapid-fire speed-meeting event to connect with fellow Serial Marketers, hosted on the Upstream app.

  • 4/15
  • 4/22: Earth Day bonus on how marketers can address climate change
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April 7, 12:30pm
Have you ever wondered how to network in a room of loud talkers?
Communication Coach Madeline Schwarz will share tips and strategies to build your confidence, sharpen your skills, and make better connections. You’ll leave with tangible tools to improve your pitch and have more fun, whether you’re introducing yourself at a networking event or pitching ideas at work.

April 8, 10am
“As the life cycle of online gaming opens up a whole new branding opportunity for marketers, join us for a full day of programming to hear from leading brands about how they’ve successfully navigated this wide-open area, streamers who can give you a sense of the community they’ve created for themselves and the brand safety concerns associated with the virtual space that people gamers are experiencing.”

April 7, 4pm
Via Christine Crandell in the community:
“I’m speaking at this book launch on sales/marketing alignment and every participant gets a book.” During this launch, Peter will share highlights of his book and key tenets of his proven methodology to align revenue teams for breakout success and sustainable sales performance.

April 7, 6pm
First Wednesday keeps going strong. We have dozens of people RSVPing for this fun NYC tradition led by Zack Rosenberg.

April 8, 12:30pm
Via Nancy Ruzow in the community:
“Why do so many of us feel reluctant to let our personality shine in business? Maybe it’s because we don’t know how. Danielle Hughes, founder of More Than Words Marketing, will help individuals learn how to develop their Personality Brand to stand out in a sea of sameness and a world of duplicates.”

April 14, 5pm
“The dizzying array of adtech and martech trends and tools leads marketers scrambling to adopt the latest shiny object without fully understanding the technology and what’s required to maximize it. During this interactive DMCNY Midweek Recharge, Steven Golus, expert in digital advertising training and enablement, will debrief attendees on the most important adtech strategies and tools they need to understand right now.”

April 14-16
“The rapid transformation of media presents ad buyers and sellers with a dizzying array of digital platforms and specialized tech stacks that can deliver both targeted messaging and dynamic experiences to clients and customers. Join Adweek for Mediaweek to hear from the industry’s leading brand marketers and ad buyers on mar tech and ad tech best practices, along with the challenges and opportunities that come with building a future-forward media marketing strategy.”

April 15, 1pm
Via Randy Levy in the community:
“Ten years ago adding countdown timers to your emails was considered the leading edge and a smart technique to make them more compelling for subscribers. But in 2021, it is time to wake-up your countdown timers by personalizing them to drive increased relevance, click-throughs, and conversions.”

April 22, 8:15am
Via William Álvarez in the community:
“Through a condensed agenda, Catalyst’s TechSEO “Mini” Boost offers a half-day virtual experience that includes cutting-edge content from top technical SEOs around the world. Join us in our new streamlined virtual format as we explore topics like server-side tagging, Python, SEO testing, and evangelizing technical SEO.”

April 23, 12:30pm
Via Nancy Ruzow in the community:
“Entrepreneurs work hard to create striking and memorable trademarks — often without fully realizing the value of what they’ve created or how to protect it. This session explains what a trademark is (and what it is not) while providing an overview of the trademark application process. The presenter, Dana Dickson is a trademark attorney who runs her own law firm dedicated exclusively to trademark law.”

(Clubhouse chat)
April 22, 4pm
Join marketing and environmentalist leaders, David Berkowitz, @Pistachio, Nishant Mani, and Jas Dhillon, for this special Earth Day event.


Keep checking out the #jobs channel in Serial Marketers for more. Here are some great opportunities shared there or sent to me directly.

Manager, Marketing Operations
Chicago or remote
Able to understand and use data from multiple sources to formulate reports and presentations that communicate marketing insights, the future Manager, Marketing Operations has:
* 5+ years overall marketing experience, 3+ years experience in marketing automation
* Salesforce proficiency required; Marketo preferred, open to Pardot or Hubspot experience as an alternative
* Experience coming from another B2B or B2B SaaS company

Programmatic Media Manager
Via Zoe Parks in the community:
“Are you a Digital Media professional who is self-driven, eager to continuously learn and willing to go the extra mile in an exciting field that is ever-changing? Onward!”

Atlanta or remote
“Offbeat Media Group is a rapidly growing media startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our clients and partners sit at the intersection of culture, lifestyle, and entertainment, and include some of the most recognizable apps, brands, and record labels of this decade. Our company is building the future of social interaction and is rapidly scaling a team of self-starters, innovators, and top-of-the-line critical thinkers to help us lead our market into, and through, the next decade… and beyond.”
Director of Media Campaigns
Director of Content Production: Social Shows

Integrated Marketing Lead
Via Anthony Giordano in the community:
“Your eyes are peeled for a technology startup that is bringing innovative and palpable change to the built world. You’re passionate about affecting consumer behavior in a way that’s good for our communities and our planet. As a leader in the marketing team, you’ll be promoting services to all our users, including riders, drivers, channel partners, and operators.”

Growth Marketing Lead
San Francisco, CA
the future Growth Marketing Lead has:
* 4-6 years of experience in a performance marketing, ecommerce, consulting or financial role
* Strong project management and quantitative skills, ability to manage relationships with senior stakeholders
* Impact-driven nature and is an accountable professional with acute self awareness and emotional intelligence

Via Kyle Hoedl in the community:
“We’re looking for an experienced strategist who is creative, forward-thinking and data-driven, possessing equal parts “creative brain” and “strategic brain,” to join our team. This position requires strong writing and editing skills, attention to detail, and the ability to create compelling strategic narratives that generate content to drive engagement and meaningful action from key audiences.”

Chief Brand Officer
Remote US
Qualifications for the Role:
* 15-20+ years of experience building high growth consumer or B2B category creating businesses to success
* Deep experience building a global brand
* Excellent communication skills
* Strong curiosity
* Business, market & customer data-informed decision making

Business Development Manager
Remote US
Via Juli Cooper in the community:
“Sora Virtual High school is seeking a Business Development Manager. We’re a VC-backed EdTech company seeking to revolutionize high school education to meet every student’s needs and looking for someone who can help us to reach out to new prospective parents!”

Head of Marketing & Communications
New York
A true evangelist for finance and/or marketing high-tech disruptors, the future Head of Marketing and Communications has:
* 8+ years of experience with a proven track record of developing, producing, and deploying impactful product marketing and communications strategies
* B2B Financial services experience; high-tech B2B also considered
* Designed and implemented omnichannel marketing strategies (print, broadcast, online), establishing and cultivating strong relationships with media partners.

More via Hunt Club
* Raise Right: VP Marketing (remote)
* Tagger Media: Digital Marketing Manager (LA)
* Pernod Ricard: Senior Manager, Creative & ContentManager, Performance Marketing

Other job resources:

  • Advisable: Get instant access to top marketing freelancers
  • AMA Job Board: Listings from the American Marketing Association (maybe you can also ask them anything)
  • Beeler.Tech: Job listings for ad operations, programmatic account management, sales operations, and more.
  • Built in NYC: Jobs at a range of levels and functions, as long as you’re okay working in this quaint, backwater hamlet.
  • CareerList: Here’s a form for companies hiring and a form for job seekershere’s the public list with tabs for both
  • Content Writing Jobs: Content marketers, enjoy
  • Creative Women of Color: List yourself in the database and find talent, via Women Who Create
  • Demand Curve: Growth and marketing jobs
  • ExecThread: Senior roles spanning a range of verticals and cities; membership is free but fully vetted (this uses my referral ID to get you in faster)
  • Gently Ventures: Helps scale businesses by finding the right talent
  • GLG: Get paid to share your topical expertise; it can lead to some interesting conversations at a potentially decent hourly rate
  • Growth Collective: Apply to join this network of notable freelance marketers
  • Grace Blue Transitions: A portal for hirers and seekers with resources from this exec recruiting firm
  • The Hired Guns: An array of jobs in marketing and related fields at brands, agencies, and media companies
  • Hue: Amplifying voices of people in color working in marketing
  • Hunterz: A way for connectors to get paid to introduce startups to large enterprises
  • Lead5: A paid service for executive roles, plus intel on changes with companies and PE investments; you can try a risk-free weeklong trial to see if it’s any good for your needs
  • Lunch Club: Match 1:1 around predetermined goals with accomplished professionals (free)
  • NYC Ad Jobs & Networking: A popular Facebook group
  • One Club for Creativity: COVID-19 jobs Board
  • #OpenToWork: There’s a channel in Serial Marketers where you can share what you’re looking for
  • Pangea: Where you can hire college freelancers (and college students can get gigs)
  • Pocit: A platform connecting people of color with jobs in the tech industry
  • Remotists: Remote startup jobs, chronicled weekly
  • Sales Hustle Stack: Find platform-based gigs and other creative ways to earn some extra cash
  • Startup.Jobs: There’s a section for marketing jobs
  • Teal Job Tracker: A free Chrome extension to manage and enhance your job search
  • TechNY Daily: While more technical, there are also some sales and marketing jobs at NY startups.
  • VC Job Boards: AlephEniac VenturesPearSequoiaUnion Square Ventures
  • VentureLoop: Free startup job listings; their paid option is $15/month and might surface more leads (but it might not).
  • Venwise: Submit your job interests here and get in front of their roster of hiring leads; select “Serial Marketers” under “How did you find us”
  • Wanted: Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay.

Do you run or enjoy other job listing sites? Let me know, and I’ll share them.


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