“The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar.

Before Labor Day, I spent the better part of a week traveling down South with my seven-year-old daughter. We masked up, flew into Memphis, and drove through Arkansas after a quick Mississippi detour.

While I was slow to respond to emails during that stretch, and I may still owe you a response yet, I couldn’t avoid seeing marketing lessons everywhere we went.

Here are a few that stood out like, well, like a pyramid rising up on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Sell Your Origin Story

When I was scouting hotels in Memphis, TN, there was one that stood apart. Big Cypress Lodge is housed in the Memphis Pyramid, a 321-foot-tall bronze shell glazed with glass that used to have a sports arena. There are no windows to the outside; all the rooms look inward to view the Bass Pro Shops sprawling store replete with restaurants, a bowling alley, fish ponds, and an alligator tank. Inside the central pillar, you can find the tallest freestanding elevator in the United States.

By some measures, it’s the tenth-largest pyramid in the world, and it may well be the ugliest on the outside. But there is no question that unless Elvis’s survivors invite you to spend a night in the Graceland Mansion (good luck with that), Big Cypress is one of the most original places you can stay anywhere.

It also has one of the best stories I’ve heard about any place I’ve stayed. As told on their website (and in countless spots around the pyramid), it goes like this:

“In 2005, [Bass Pro Shops CEO] Johnny Morris went fishing on the Mississippi River. He set out with a couple of his fishing buddies… When they got near the Memphis Pyramid, Johnny looked up and told them that he would build a store inside if they caught a 30-pound catfish.

“Sure enough, with only about an hour left in the trip, his buddy, Jack, got a bite and reeled in a monster catfish in the shadow of the Pyramid. Without much hesitation, Johnny said, ‘It’s a deal, we’re gonna do it.'”

If I was with you grabbing drinks, I could have told you a version of that story without the notes, though they tell it better. It’s a hell of a fish tale, but it’s true.

There’s power to an origin story that grows over time if harnessed. Did I ever tell you about the time that W2O CMO Aaron Strout wrote a blog post about me for HubSpot entitled, “Serial Marketer, Not Killer”? I probably have. When you’ve got a story like that, don’t let it go to waste.

Put yourself on the map

Leland, Mississippi’s population is below 4,000 and falling.

Its best-known resident these days doesn’t say that much, and he looks a little green.

He sits on his couch, in a room surrounded by memorabilia spanning his life and the years before he was born, wearing a custom-made mask stretched across his oversized mouth; he doesn’t even have visible ears to anchor the hooks.

He spends his day waiting for someone to stop by, sit down on either side of him, and pose for a photo.

No matter much Leland’s population declines, people will come – some from all over the world – to meet him. He has a first name more famous than Oprah’s and a personality more lovable than Mickey’s.

He’s none other than Kermit the Frog, and this one-room museum adjacent to a smaller gift shop commemorates the birthplace of Jim Henson, renowned as one of the most creative and good-natured souls who has graced our planet. The ripple effects of his creativity will endure quite possibly forever.

I’d have loved to explore more of Mississippi, and I hope to another time, but this was our one planned destination for the trip. This speck of a town near the river led me to drive five hours out of the way, and I felt brightened by Henson’s aura as soon as I arrived.

Just think how many people have graced Leland’s doorstep over the years thanks to the one-room tribute. Henson never forgot where he came from, but he hadn’t lived there since age 12. You never want to forget where you came from, sure. But places should never forget who came from them there.

Live your brand

I made a friend in Memphis, and I don’t think she’ll mind me calling her that after a couple of brief interactions. We may not exchange holiday cards, but I’m so glad to have met Tamika Heard, the owner of Butteriffic Bakery & Café.

She’s a force, and she is living her brand. Ask her if she’s for real, and she’ll say, “You butter believe it!” Before you leave, she’ll wish you a “Butteriffic day.” She means it. She loves butter. And she loves putting a smile on people’s faces.

She does this not just through her personality but through her baking. Her butter cookies may well change what you think a cookie can and should be, and she even sells them online to ship nationwide. I asked if she’s on Goldbelly, and she said she has spent years trying to get on there – let me know if you know anyone.

I found Butteriffic thanks to Google Maps, where I’m a Level 8 local guide who has made 2,478 contributions and earned 15,107 points. In case you’re wondering, that is not easy. It makes TripAdvisor badges look like nursery school participation trophies, and I don’t care how cute your kid is – there are no trophies for finger painting!

Google Maps steered me right (almost literally) again, and the five-star review for Tamika was my favorite to write during the trip. Bonus points to her for recommending two Memphis barbecue joints: One & Only, where I had the best brisket and smokiest wings I’ve ever eaten, and Central BBQ, home to what may well be the best banana pudding ever (sorry, Charlotte, NC – but you were where I had my first best banana pudding, so I’ll never forget you).

Delight with gimmicks; surprise with quality

In the early stages of planning the trip, when I thought we might pass through Little Rock, I didn’t see a ton in the city that I needed to do with my daughter. I did, however, stumble on All Aboard Restaurant & Grill, a theme restaurant where trains deliver your order to the table via overhead tracks that connect to sensor-equipped trays to collect the food baskets.

We had one night in Little Rock, and I’m sure Arkansans can come up with 100 supposedly better dinner options, but I knew this was where I wanted to take my kid. She loved the gimmick.

What I didn’t expect was how much I’d love the food. I ordered way too much, sampling their fish and chips, chicken fingers, hush puppies, and whatever else the Little Engine That Could could carry. It was all about the best damn version of that dish I ever had.

Without the gimmick, I wouldn’t have been in a rush to go there. You know how many places I can find chicken fingers or fish and chips? The trains traveling around overhead put the restaurant over the top.

If I wind up in Little Rock again, I’d go back. I’d even bring adults there on a business trip – come for the absurdly childish choice where you can wear paper conductor hats, stay for the absurdly good friend food.

If you go, save room for dessert nearby. Just about everywhere I go, I search Google Maps for dessert spots. While sitting at All Aboard, I discovered Le Pops just a three-minute drive away, and we rushed over there before it closed. Just look at their homepage and tell me you wouldn’t eat a dozen of ‘em.
I’m not praying for much during the High Holidays – just for the end of the pandemic, peace on Earth, and franchises of Butteriffic, Central BBQ, and Le Pops opening up in Manhattan.

Is that too much to ask for?



  • Our good friend Leo Morejon is joining us as we reboot the Salon series on 9/15, 4pm ET (Upstream). We’ll combine a Q&A with Leo about influencer marketing followed by some speed networking to match with others in the community. Leo leads social at Applegate and has worked on amazing campaigns for Oreo (yes, the Super Bowl tweet, but MUCH more there), Hot Wheels, and tons of other brands. He also has a great mix of agency and SaaS experience, so ask us anything.
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September 15, 11am
Via Robin Li in the community
“Evolving E is a eCommerce tech community that began in 2016 as a summit in New York for the top entrepreneurs and executives in the eCommerce, retail, and consumer goods sectors. The community has expanded to include online and offline dinner series, masterclasses, and gatherings with an eCommerce community from around the world.”

September 15, 4pm
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September 16, 1pm
Via Jenny Karn in the community
“Learn how Wikipedia works and how to update articles. We hear the following questions over and over again:
* How can I fix my brand’s Wikipedia article?
* How can I get an article created for my brand?
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* Can I edit my own page?
* How do I get a flag removed from the top of an article?
Our live webinars cover all these topics and many more! We host our chats on the fourth Thursday of the month.

September 16, 1pm
Via Randy Levy in the community
You’ve no doubt heard a lot about Apple’s iOS 15 update and what it means for your open metrics. And while the fact that open metrics will become even more unreliable might make you a bit uneasy, we see it as an opportunity to rethink and improve many email marketing practices.
In this webinar, Robert Haydock, Zembula CEO and Garin Hobbs, SVP of Client Strategy, will break down exactly what kinetic email is and why you should use it. They’ll also show you how to take it a step further by personalizing your kinetic email with the data you already have.

September 20-22
New York Marriott Marquis and virtual
“Mainnet is an immersive, agenda-setting summit held annually in-person and virtually by Messari. The summit gathers crypto leaders, operators, builders, and investors for three days of future-focused collaboration, networking, and programming. With 150+ speakers and 2000+ pass holders, attendees should expect interactive discussions, hands-on product demonstrations, and one-on-one meeting opportunities with leaders in the space.”

September 20-22
“AUDIENCExSCIENCE is the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) biggest annual event where industry leaders and innovators gather to address the most critical audience measurement issues. This year, those issues will be explored against the backdrop of the post-pandemic recovery.”

September 22, 9am
“The Key to Your Thriving Business Starts with Your Well-Being – with coffee chat sponsored by Luminary. This webinar from Lauren Baptiste of Acheloa Wellness will provide you with powerful tools and techniques to understand the effects of stress that are inhibiting your highest potential. We’ll explore ideas and exercises that will have you thinking differently as you cultivate and actualize an action plan forward.”

September 23, 12pm
Meet Lara Vandenberg, CEO and founder of Publicist. Publicist is an online platform that connects a global network of communications, marketing, and PR talent with top brands through project-based work.
The Publicist community is highly vetted and spans all levels of experience. Over the past year, Publicist has built an incredible team, brought on investors and advisors, all while seeing the vision of democratizing access to the best marketing and communications talent in the world come to life.
She’ll share why she built the platform, how it fits in with the changing workforce trends, and how talent can stand out when pitching brands.

September 23, 12:30pm
Via Peter Davison in the community
“Launching the  “Simplicity in Martech” series and putting this out into the world via the team at Boost Design UK. Alex Diaz is a senior product marketing manager at Webflow. For those based in the UK – we have a virtual mixology event with 137Gin. Some proceeds will go toward Surfers Against Sewage.

Via Danielle Hughes and Beth Granger in the community
September 23, 5pm
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* Participate in guided networking – Meet new people and reconnect with those you know.
* Develop a more powerful LinkedIn headline – Danielle Hughes and Beth Granger will take you through a process so that you leave with a new headline and an understanding of how it can be so much more than just a job title.
* Unite as a group during an interactive music-fueled songwriting session led by Song Division, world-class musicians who have worked with international stars like Prince, Cher, Drake, Katy Perry, and more.
Your admission will be used to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night campaign.”

September 28, 11:30am
Via Nancy Ruzow in the community
In this Fly Female Founders ON THE FLY Workshop, SEO specialist and digital strategist Meg Casebolt will cover:
* Understanding the way your clients search, and creating content that meets their needs.
* Building your domain authority with outreach opportunities.
* Making your website a great user experience so Google will recommend you and readers will convert to leads.

September 30, 5pm
Forensic accountant Stanley Foodman, CEO of Foodman CPAs & Advisors, understands crypto inside and out. Beyond complex domestic and international tax planning, he’s also a partner in a crypto company. Ask Stanley anything as we try to understand how cryptocurrency and NFT purchases affect our bottom line.

October 12-14
“Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2021 brings together the world’s most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to discuss the impact of brands on society, leverage new digital touchpoints, and unleash the opportunities that come with this shift in consumer-brand relationships.”

October 13-16
“Coin Nations 2021 brings together executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in decentralized finance.
You will participate in Matchmaking networking and interactive discussions about the latest innovations, opportunities, and challenges surrounding Crypto, Blockchain, CBDCs, DeFi, NFTs, Wallets, Exchanges, and more!”


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Account Executive
Remote US
“The ideal candidate will possess strong sales, interpersonal and organizational skills. They should be comfortable with multitasking and be able to budget their resources in order to meet the assigned quotas for their role.
Responsibilities include:
* Full-cycle sales (cold outbound, set appointments, hold meetings, and close)
* Achieve sales objectives
* Attract high-quality customers and set proper expectations
* Follow sales ops processes
* Act as a brand ambassador

Associate Director, Paid Search/SEM (Remote)
+ many search, ads, media & analytics roles
Remote US
“We are looking for an Associate Director, Paid Search/SEM to be responsible for creating, executing, and optimizing Paid Search media campaigns. You will be instrumental in ensuring efficient campaigns and will contribute to meeting and exceeding KPIs. This is a fully remote, full-time (40 hours per week) role. PST or MST is preferred.”
(Send an intro request with what you’re interested in and why to CEO Brian Dolan)

Sr. Category Manager, Japanese Wagyu
Remote US
“As Crowd Cow grows rapidly, we are seeking an experienced category leader who can combine strong business acumen with product and operational experience to drive growth profitably at scale. This is a unique opportunity to lead and scale a high-profile category and fully own end-to-end strategy at Crowd Cow, the leading online retailer of Japanese Wagyu in the US.”

Marketing Director
Remote US within the Pacific time zone
“The Marketing Director will be responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing plan to accelerate the growth of Candidate. This role will be a pivotal leadership role at the organization and require you to dig in at both the strategic and tactical levels. You will have management responsibilities across a variety of marketing efforts including brand positioning and awareness, product marketing, paid media, email marketing, website, social media, PR, and sales enablement.”

Customer Support Associate
SF, NY, or remote
Via Mark Verone in the community
TuneIn currently serves over one hundred million listening sessions every month. Our Customer Support Associate will be the front line of support for our millions of listeners, troubleshooting their technical issues across a variety of platforms, audio devices, and streams. You’ll be instrumental in identifying problematic trends and making recommendations to the entire company including product managers and engineers to improve users’ experience.

Director of Growth Marketing
New York, NY
Via Chris Gorges in the community
“We are seeking a Director of Growth Marketing to lead our acquisition strategy across online and offline growth channels. This role will be responsible for allocating and deploying a large media budget and managing a growth marketing team that plans, executes, and analyzes acquisition tactics that drive sustainable and efficient CAC at scale.”

Campaign Manager
Los Angeles
Via Mark Verone in the community
“As a Campaign Manager, you would play a critical part in assisting TuneIn’s multiple sales channels in working with both TuneIn’s internal Trafficking Team and with external clients to ensure all digital, custom content, and audio campaigns are meeting and fulfilling their expected goals. You would be responsible for overseeing the performance of these campaigns while also supporting sales and clients in managing project execution and campaign reporting throughout the post-sales process.”

Director of Product Marketing
San Francisco Bay, California
“Transparent, cross-functional leader with passion for growth, the future Director of Product Marketing has:
* ~10  years of product marketing within a B2B SaaS business (startup/high growth company preferred), built/managed the product marketing function
* 3-4 years experience managing and/or hiring a product marketing team of +3
* Managed market research, competitive intelligence, and experience taking a company through a rebrand
* Collaborative, curious, and ability to communicate effectively cross-functionally
* Compatible with CaptivateIQ culture (transparent, passion for building and growing the company, biased for action and innovative)”

Product Marketing Manager
Remote US
Via George Valdes in the community
“We’re looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join the Monograph team. You’ll help build the future of how landscape architects, interior designers, and engineers, manage their business. Oh, and we work a 4-day work week.”

Marketing Manager, Enterprise SaaS
Remote US
Via Eric Tash in the community
“You’ll set the marketing strategy and co-own revenue goals with sales and product leaders as part of an integrated go-to-market team. You’ll work closely with the product team, as well as the digital marketing and communication specialists to plan and execute product launches and marketing campaigns to meet or exceed the sales pipeline goals. Excellent opportunity to grow to Marketing Director position with a fast-growing startup.”

Demand Generation Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Remote OK
Via Chris Kuehn in the community
“Negotiatus is the fastest and easiest way to purchase, manage spend, and submit payment across all of a business’ vendors. Our platform oversees tens of thousands of orders per month, many millions in spend, and thousands of users. We’ve grown quickly since our founding in 2016 with the help of great investors and customers and are looking to continue that trajectory over the next few years.”

Product Marketing Manager
New York, NY (Remote)
Via Elsa A. in the community
“The Product Marketing Manager will be working to support our SaaS end client and product-driven marketing messaging and strategy by conducting competitive analysis and market research, creating collaterals to enable our Sales team, and translate our product roadmaps into successful launches.”

Manager, Demand Generation
Jersey City, NJ or remote
Via Lynn Schlesinger in the community
“Forbes Media is seeking an experienced email marketing professional to create and execute revenue driving campaigns. The ideal candidate is an email marketing maven with experience creating, executing, and measuring campaigns in leading marketing automation platforms (Pardot experience a plus!) who also has experience with other channels including list rentals, display and organic + paid social media.”

Marketing Manager, Partnerships
Remote US
Via Yuval Yarden in the community
“The Marketing team is rapidly expanding and is looking for an innovative team member to build relationships with new partners as well as sustaining and growing those relationships over time. RenoFi aims to make renovating more accessible for everyone and wants someone who can take the initiative to bring fresh ideas to the team. This is a brand-new role at RenoFi and we are looking for an entrepreneurial marketer who is excited for the opportunity to create connections with others and will make the role their own.”

Director of Marketing
Via Chris Gorges in the community
“If you’re eager to join a startup from the earliest stages and be a huge part of its growth and success, then this role is for you. You’d be strategizing, executing, and monitoring our marketing initiatives, including but not limited to: paid social, placed ads, influencer marketing, content marketing, events, etc. Fully remote for now, but most of the team is based in NYC.”

Find more jobs on the Serial Marketers job board.

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  • Wanted: Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay.

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