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  How polite are you to your AI? Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- Pardon me.I’m working on my manners with you. And I should apologize, as between my sermon the week before and this edition, I’ve spent the past week in St. Louis awaiting the opening of “Dr. Ride’s American Beach House” at the […]
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  Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- Robopig, via Ideogram “What ingredients would you put in an AI sandwich?” That’s what David Brown, Knotch’s Head of Strategy, asked me during a webinar this week, which you can find on YouTube. I said, and I’m paraphrasing both of us David B’s here, “With apologies to the vegans […]
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As we get to the final stretch this year, there’s a lot on my mind and a ton to see through, but I will publish when I can and not worry about the set day and time. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Also, if you’re going through stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff out there, […]
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  It might have been a couple of thousand years since you last visited the Olympus Ad Agency. Let’s take a tour. Hephaestus runs the IT department. He doesn’t spend a lot of time up on Olympus. He likes that he doesn’t have to see the staff as much with everyone all remote. It suits […]
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  As I first wrote this, I was returning from a dinner event celebrating the anniversary of a friend’s PR firm. Then, I went on Twitter and saw news story after news story about changes that will affect people’s lives. Those changes are unfolding as I write this now. Twitter sometimes seems like it’s all about […]
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  This week, I celebrated my birthday (yay), participated in a 60-person offsite with my colleagues, hosted a webinar, hosted a community virtual event, celebrated a relationship anniversary, and somehow got a few other things done. Writing a whole bespoke newsletter wasn’t in the cards. But I would like to post a couple of updates. […]
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  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the topic we weren’t talking about enough this week at Advertising Week was Ye. I’m throwing up in my mouth. But it’s true. As much as I’d rather talk about a thing else — cookie deprecation, creative optimization, Terry Kawaja’s Streamopoly board — I wish more of us (myself […]
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  Allow me to atone as last week’s holiday and some other obligations delayed this missive’s publication. It’s still a piece I wanted to share. Writing this as I wrapped the Day of Atonement holiday, known in Hebrew as Yom Kippur, I expected to use the column as an excuse to revisit the marketing sins […]
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