Which Facebook App Are You?

Here’s today’s Online Spin column, a little light reading ahead of the 4th of July weekend. By now, you know which "Sex and the City" character you are, along with which Disney princess, Victoria’s Secret angel, Spice Girl, "L-Word" character, and Desperate Housewife.  You can determine your cosmic match among "Star Wars" and "Simpsons" characters, […]

The Customization Conundrum – Online Spin

I got a little distracted Thursday and forgot to post my first Online Spin column for MediaPost, which I’ll be writing this summer in lieu of the Search Insider. The Customization Conundrum How can you go wrong with offering your customers new ways to customize their experience? Once again, a Web giant is learning that […]

Widget Standards Wiki Launched

Chad Catacchio just launched the Widget Standards Wiki at widgetstandards.org. It’s interesting, just the other day a client was asking us for such standards as they developed their own widgets, and it’s still one of those gray areas. Google has some information for gadget developers, but no specifics on sizing. If the right people contribute […]

MadKast Post Sharing Live

Thanks to the writeup on TechCrunch, I’m now using MadKast to make it easier for anyone to email, save, and share any posts here. The green share button is now at the top of every post. For the many readers of this blog who blog yourself, it took less than a minute to add for […]

Web Widget Optimization

If you want some great feedback on a blog post, try writing about widgets, Rene Descartes, or both. It’s not so much the volume of responses today that’s enlightening – it’s the quality of them. On MediaPost’s blog, I’m taken to task for my muddling of French and Latin (and Bill Hilton’s totally right – […]