As I write this, it’s the second (lunar) day of Passover. You don’t need to practice the faith to know the gist, even if your primary source pits Charlton Heston against Yul Brynner (or, for you millennials, Val Kilmer against Ralph Fiennes).

It’s also hard to top such an Independence Day story with something for everyone — palace intrigue, plagues disrupting the natural order, recipes for lamb and bread. The book of Exodus is a series that could run on every network.

But ultimately, the story is about freedom.

I’ll save the loftier descriptions of freedom for loftier newsletters. The kinds of freedom that Ukrainians are fighting for, and the kind of freedom denied to WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich, are far more impactful.

But we all have our own quests for freedom. The quests may not be about life and death, but they’re central to our lives.

Financial freedom comes up a lot. For most people, that is less about the freedom where we have the money to do whatever we want than it is the freedom to take on the kind of work that allows us to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Most of us don’t expect the most lavish rewards from our work, but it would be freeing to do work that uses our talents and aligns with our values.

Lately, I’ve thought about freedom another way.

In the past, when I was consulting, I was always auditioning for another job. I was in these consulting roles on some kind of fractional or interim basis where I kept thinking, “If this really works, I can go all in here and join them full-time.”

That meant it was a constant audition, a never-ending job interview. And I wasn’t free.

I didn’t have the freedom that comes with fully representing the companies I was working with since I wasn’t a full member of their team. And I couldn’t fully represent myself since I felt concerned about not rocking the boat with my clients.

When I wound up going back into consulting at the start of the year, I was determined to not repeat that mistake.

My focus shifted to meeting and exceeding what was in the scope of my client engagements without giving up the freedom to be me. And it has not only led to engagements with clients that I’m excited about, but it’s led to a surge of entrepreneurialism that I’ve never quite felt before.

None of this is easy. And I still am open to taking on a couple of other projects. But I have been freed.

That’s what led to the launch of the FOAF model that I described last week. In the past, I’d have been too concerned that something like FOAF would get in the way of existing client work, even if I was way underbilled. Instead, I’ve discovered that this crazy FOAFing idea has been opening up some doors that could benefit other clients. That shift in worldview is freeing.

And there’s more where that comes from.

I’m going to enjoy a different form of freedom next week, taking a train halfway across the country on a spring break adventure with my third-grader. I’ll also allow myself a little freedom to skip next week’s newsletter as I recharge.

As far as one’s career goes, I know that there are all kinds of barriers to freedom that are imposed by others. With a lot of those, there’s no way around them. There are all kinds of external forces from societal norms to familial obligations that limit our choices.

But there are some tastes of freedom that we deny ourselves because of our self-imposed mental and emotional shackles. A shift in perspective can feel like the Red Sea opening up, pointing the way to a promised land. We have to then free ourselves of the fear that the water won’t crash down on either side of us and swallow us up whole.

If we can just get ourselves to take that first path between the parting seas though, we can leave what plagues us behind.

Happy Passover (a zisn Pesach), Happy Easter, and Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours.



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Senior Account Executive
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Platform Configuration Specialist
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Segment Marketing Manager
United States
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