What are you thankful for?

I’ve come to realize that so much of what I’m most grateful for has a thread connecting it:

I’m most grateful for second chances.

It’s so overwhelming when thinking about it, especially while preparing for another Thanksgiving week.

There’s a very simple formula for gratitude:

Second chances + appreciation = gratitude.

These second chances can materialize in all kinds of ways.

In January, my mom tested positive for Covid, but the first dose of the vaccine likely saved her, contributing to a mild case with no ‘long Covid’ after-effects. Despite all the lives lost, the quick development and rollout of the vaccines is one of the greatest scientific miracles any generation alive today has witnessed.

It doesn’t take a modern miracle to inspire gratitude though.

In March 2020, I was working with a company targeting brick-and-mortar retailers and had landed a contract with an event organizer; these were the kinds of businesses that were hit hard with the pandemic, so my business was affected in turn.

In 2021, I’ve spent most of the year working with the stellar team at WITHIN (see last week’s edition for more on that), and beyond enjoying the work that I do and the people I get to collaborate with, I appreciate the work even more given how last year went. You don’t take second chances at meaningful work for granted. You learn survival skills that you’ll never forget.

This year was a rebuilding year for personal relationships too. Winding up in a different family structure this Thanksgiving than I was in last year, it was a year of learning how to adapt. I came to appreciate the meaning of the word “partners” even when the partners aren’t living under the same roof.

That also meant recognizing what it means to fear failure, but that’s only because we’re culturally attuned to prioritizing consistency over change. When consistency is synonymous with complacency, that fear prevents opportunities for everyone involved to grow.

Such a rebuilding year requires relearning how to forge new relationships, all while taking time to better understand others and better understand yourself. There are opportunities to not make the mistakes you might have made in the past. Few forms of gratitude are more salient than the gratitude gained from overcoming fear, and few fears are harder to overcome than the fear of failure.

One of the downsides of being an experiential learner is that I feel like I’ve made all the mistakes – personal, professional, and every other kind. I’ve fallen so many times that I’ve wondered how I offended gravity so much. Is gravity determined to teach me a lesson?

The biggest mistakes that I’ve been able to avoid were those that I witnessed others make. I could course-correct. While I could have done without witnessing some of those – or being on the receiving end of a few that stand out – I’m grateful to have those mishaps as the teachers that gave me a shot at bettering myself and being a better person for those around me.

I’m a marketer writing for marketers, so I couldn’t help thinking about the tie-in to the profession, and a revelation struck me.

Marketing is the science of second chances.

We’re like Major League baseball players, but far worse. The best pro hitters in the world miss the ball most of the time. Marketers, by comparison, rarely even see the ball coming. We’d kill for a .275 batting average when we’re rocking a 0.8% click-through rate.

Even with the best plans, most of it won’t work. Most journalists won’t respond to our pitches. Most event attendees who bother to show up won’t care about what we do. Most people won’t open this very email – or any other, and very few will click anything in it.

I’d love to say prove me wrong by having you respond to this email with a simple “Hi,” but I already know that most of you who opened it and got this far won’t. I could get you a seat between Elon Musk and Taylor Swift on a trip to a space station, and most of you will be skimming over this while you wonder if this season of “Succession” is any good.

All marketers need to learn humility early and often. I may not love most of Musk’s tactics or tweets, but I would not call a Tesla or anything else a product that markets itself.

We’re so used to striking out that we need to spend more time appreciating the moments when what we’re doing works.

We can all benefit from gratitude.

This past weekend, I got to see Dave Matthews Band wrap their tour at Madison Square Garden. It was a packed house indoors with proof of vaccination and ID required; I know attending something like that does not suit everyone’s comfort level right now.

As the band jammed on into the night, I kept getting lost in the music and looking around.

I saw the nation’s largest city, a city that I stayed put in nearly every single day since March of last year, get a second chance at bringing people together.

When Dave Matthews thanked members of his crew, often by name, it sounded even more poignant given that the roadies could have lost their whole livelihood. The beer and t-shirt sellers, the Garden’s cleanup crew, the security staff – they all got second chances.

Being surrounded by 20,000 strangers while standing next to someone who brought so much levity and brightness to the evening, I was grateful that we all got the chance to be there that night. I looked around me and felt humbled. As I left the event, I told my friend who brought me, “I don’t ever want to forget the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I felt tonight.”

That’s not how I normally remember concerts feeling, but my first concert in years and my first event in years back at Madison Square Garden – a 10-minute walk from my home – felt anything but ordinary.

We’re here. We’re present. We get another crack at Thanksgiving.

We get a chance to remember thanksgiving is an activity we can choose to engage in.

The only American holiday name that’s a gerund is so powerful a reminder that it carries the weight of a commandment. Even if it could be so ordained, how we engage in thanksgiving is one of the most personal choices we can make.

First chances are harder to appreciate. I envy those who can get things right the first time. Most of us can’t most of the time, and when it happens, there usually isn’t as much we can learn from it.

There’s so much I wish I didn’t have to learn the past 600 or so days, but I’ll be damned if I won’t do something with that knowledge.

The first thing I’ll do with it is simple, but profound:

I’ll be grateful for it.

Happiest of Thanksgivings ahead to you, your families, and your friends. Even for those who may be on other shores, may you join us in raising a glass or a drumstick or green bean and sharing in our gratitude.

With my deepest thanks to you and appreciation for the second chances you’ve given me and my writing,


PS: Speaking of gratitude, I learned as I was publishing this about the passing of an industry icon, John Durham. I checked my contact file to see if I recorded where I met him. After a note about how he moderated my iMedia panel in 2016, I had added these words: “Class act, nice guy, and a very big deal.” He was way more than that to so many of us, and I look forward to hearing more of his Durhamisms as his friends celebrate his life.

Even those of us who barely knew John can be grateful for his wisdom, kindness, and generosity. My friend who I went to the concert with was talking about how everyone is special, but some have that extra spark, and those remarks keep echoing in my head as I see the tributes to John pour in.

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Manager, Marketing Communications
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VP Marketing
Via Yuval in the community
“CompStak envisions a commercial real estate industry in which accurate and transparent data leads to better, faster deals for everyone. We gather critical information that is hard to access, then make it instantly and seamlessly available to our platform members. We are seeking a motivated, experienced and proven marketing leader to join CompStak as the VP, Marketing. In this position you will be responsible for the strategic planning, coordinating, and execution of Marketing efforts while leading the Marketing team.”

Social Media and Content Manager
NYC (hybrid)
Via Stephane in the community
“The Social Media and Content Manager will be responsible for helping us continue to elevate John Hardy’s marketing programs into a best-in-class digital storytelling platform. The ideal candidate will relentlessly find creative ways to inspire our active and enthusiastic communities: developing our brand voice for social, pitching content ideas, building editorial calendars, cultivating and growing influencer relationships, and actively monitoring/participating in online conversations to build brand visibility, engagement and ultimately drive sales.”

Several roles
Boston or NYC
Via Todd in the community:
“If you or someone you know have an interest in joining a team using the best data-based behavioral science tech in the MRX industry, we are hiring at Sentient Decision Science on our #Advertising #Creative evaluation product team for several roles.”

Lead Performance Growth Marketer
“Join our growing Marketing team to launch and optimize top-of-funnel growth experiments that exponentially increase the number of highly motivated and diverse jobseeker communities interested in studying at SV Academy and working in tech. To own growth marketing, you will define, execute and optimize digital marketing campaigns (Facebook, PPC, display) and paid marketing channels (online and offline), form working relationships with external partners to drive awareness, and take many new ideas from 0-1.”

Social Media Manager
“Imperfect is seeking a savvy social media professional to engage and grow Imperfect’s community across our organic social media channels. The ideal candidate is someone who is not only passionate about food, sustainability, and Imperfect’s impact on the world but also understands the power of social media and delivering delightful brand experiences across platforms. We have a solid presence (close to 400K followers on IG!) that we’re looking to cultivate and enrich in 2021. As the Social Media Manager, you will fine-tune and manage Imperfect’s social media efforts in order to increase our acquisition and awareness efforts.”

Director of Product Marketing
New York
Via Dave Weinberg in the community
We’re looking for a “customer first” focused leader who’s excited about growing business-critical product lines.  In this role, you will develop strategic partnerships with your Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Product, and Engineering peers, go deep in a problem space or domain, and translate your vision into a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.  You will be expected to foster future leaders while building diverse and inclusive teams.  This role will be a high-impact leadership position that will collaborate closely and strategically with other leaders across the company.”

Social Media Manager
Via Lia Zneimer in the community
“In this role, you will:
* Own all of our social media channels.
* Plan and manage campaign executions, on time, on budget, to scope
* Create engaging content and maintain the cadence and voice of each of our channels.
* Source content from teams across the company, communicating new ideas and initiatives across channels.
* Lead the development of a wide range of content forms, including video, text, still imagery, animation, live action and other content forms that best utilize the technology available on any given social media/digital platform.”

Marketing Assistant (Technical)
Portland, Oregon or remote
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“Productive Flourishing helps people finish their most important projects by publishing some of the best articles, books, and courses on productivity and leadership. We are a Black-, veteran-, and woman-owned small business that intentionally cultivates diversity on our team and in the work we do. We encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, people with disabilities, and veterans to apply. We’re looking for a Marketing Assistant (Technical) with experience providing technical support for a fast-paced online marketing team.”

Creator Acquisition Manager
Miami, Florida
Via Weston Armstrong Woodward in the community
“We are looking for a Creator Acquisition Manager to join our Community Success Team to support creator acquisition and onboarding to the Locals platform.  The Creator Acquisition Manager will constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities to bring on new creators based on real-time events.  It’s critical to understand the many social media platforms and how content creators distribute and monetize their content and their brand.”

Director, Campaign Content Strategy
Remote US
“The Director, Campaign Content Strategy is responsible for developing content strategy and overseeing content execution for WRK’s content marketing team. You are responsible for managing and advancing our content marketing programs and projects. In addition to your extensive experience in content marketing, you should also be a creative and strategic thinker and have a keen eye for process. The services you will be overseeing range from written editorial work, creative visual assets across both traditional and digital media, creative briefs to strategy deliverables – and beyond!”

Head of Marketing
Via Chris Gorges in the community
“The Marketing Director will create a new marketing strategy and enjoy full accountability while leveraging a strong global brand and robust set of existing assets. The Marketing Director will own the entire marketing function, reporting to the MetaProp partnership.”

VP of Marketing
“Our VP of Marketing will define the new space we are creating and craft a strategy for making us a household name with finance and procurement leaders the world over. This includes end-to-end marketing initiatives in brand, product, content, and even performance marketing over time. You will also measure and communicate performance in a way that is digestible at the IC, executive, and board level. You will report directly to the CEO, and you will have lots of empowerment and autonomy to bring your vision to market.”

Acquisition Growth Marketer
Remote US
Via Dave Weinberg in the community
“Array is revolutionizing how businesses leverage and enhance consumer data. Our platform enables innovative companies and developers to seamlessly integrate credit and identity data into their apps, websites or workflows. As a remote-first company, we’re focused on providing opportunities for autonomous individuals to have high levels of impact at the forefront of the fintech space. If you’re looking for autonomy, impact, and cutting-edge FinTech, we’d love to hear from you.”

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