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  Last week, I was on a call Mark Burrell, the co-founder of parenting platform Weldon who I got to know when he was co-founder of crowdsourcing marketplace Tongal. We were talking about community (shocking), and he mentioned how some of the best value of networking through communities comes from serendipity. This was particularly true of events like South […]
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One of the best ways to make yourself invaluable involves doing what may seem unthinkable: Putting yourself first. “No!” you, my selfless reader, are thinking. “My client comes first.” “My family comes first.” “My team comes first.” “My friends come first.” “Society comes first.” “The planet comes first.” Wonderful sentiments. But what about you? I’ve […]
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Wired Magazine chief and Long Tail author Chris Anderson sparked debate this week when he published the email addresses of public relations people/companies/lists/bots who send him completely untargeted pitches. I’m not sure I agree with every detail of his approach, but I can empathize to a degree, even if I’m not editing a major magazine. […]
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