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  Last week, my daughter temporarily lost the use of one of her arms, and Twitter found many of its advertisers temporarily pausing campaigns there. Conceptually, they’re related to a broader theme, one that  I explored in a 2020 column, “In a World without Facebook.”  The theme is how to adapt to constraints. The biggest […]
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  This week, I celebrated my birthday (yay), participated in a 60-person offsite with my colleagues, hosted a webinar, hosted a community virtual event, celebrated a relationship anniversary, and somehow got a few other things done. Writing a whole bespoke newsletter wasn’t in the cards. But I would like to post a couple of updates. […]
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  Allow me to atone as last week’s holiday and some other obligations delayed this missive’s publication. It’s still a piece I wanted to share. Writing this as I wrapped the Day of Atonement holiday, known in Hebrew as Yom Kippur, I expected to use the column as an excuse to revisit the marketing sins […]
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  “A cat and a dog pooping on a book that is pink.” Sure, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let my eight-year-old sit down with me late at night and burn through my first batch of search credits on Dall-E 2, OpenAI’s AI-powered image generation app. And yet… I combed through my search results.­­ […]
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  Thanks to our supporter, Bottom Line Having gone to two funerals over the past month, I’ve been forced to confront mortality more than usual lately, so now you’re coming along for the ride. Naturally, on the ride out to the second of the burials, I began to wonder, “Can I get a column out of […]
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  One of the things that I think humans get wrong the most is trying to make time consistent for everyone everywhere. An hour for me may be the same hour for a Maasai community member or a Saudi princess, but we all experience time differently and personally. My last hour won’t feel quite the […]
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  What are you thankful for? I’ve come to realize that so much of what I’m most grateful for has a thread connecting it: I’m most grateful for second chances. It’s so overwhelming when thinking about it, especially while preparing for another Thanksgiving week. There’s a very simple formula for gratitude: Second chances + appreciation […]
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