I had a call with community member Dave Weinberg right after CES, and after I mentioned how exhausting it was, one of us came up with idea of the “CESta.”

Dave seemed ready to launch a whole business around CES nap pods. Who’s investing?

So, yes, I’m back from CES, and now I need to tell you about all the amazing tech I saw.

Except I didn’t see any amazing tech. I heard about some of it from folks there and read about the rest.

And even still…  so much of what I heard about had that ‘what’s old is new again’ vibe.

Not convinced? Check my old deck covering 10 years of CES shows from 2007 through 2016. It’s all in there. This show was my 14th.

This year, just about the only device I saw mentioned repeatedly in the press was the Withings pee monitor that you hook up to a toilet bowl. We’ve gone from web3 to webPee. And I think that’s an improvement.

As for me, I spent much of CES hanging out at the Mediaocean Retreat #client. You can read their top 10 takeaways on their blog. Plus, they have a webinar next week where you can watch a ton of the highlights.

Also, did I mention they’re the latest, proudest, biggest sponsor of Serial Marketers and this here newsletter? Thanks, Mediaocean.

It’s strange for me to get to Vegas for the show and not see what the show is supposed to be about, but I’ve written about the other side of CES for a while. In 2015, I wrote a post on LinkedIn describing this Shadow CES. Here’s the juicy bit:

“The other CES is the Shadow CES. This is the one that tends not to get as much attention, but for some brands, it’s more productive. It happens at places like the Cosmopolitan or Four Seasons. A more official version of the Shadow CES took place at the Aria this year. Dubbed the C-Space, it was where marketers could meet up with established media companies like NBC Universal and emerging ones like Samba TV. They could also meet with each other. I joined one private discussion with select executives from an advertising trade association. While it had little to do with CES directly, it was a terrific opportunity to learn from these people who I wouldn’t have readily met otherwise.”

The Four Seasons is not a key spot anymore; I think Publicis used to put all their execs there. (Publicis was my parent company then, as I was with the agency formerly known as MRY and that is now known as Formerly Known As [no, I’m not making this up]).

The rest is accurate. Or at least it had been for years. For a good chunk of the ad industry, including the big tech platforms and others seeking ad dollars, Shadow CES is CES. There’s that quaint little car show down the strip, but that’s the sideshow.

Instead, the tech that everyone seemed to be talking about at the Cosmo and Aria and everywhere in between (narrator: there isn’t anything between them but a mall) was ChatGPT, or perhaps OpenAI more broadly. Beyond that, as my grandmother liked to say, bubkes.*

Yes, it came up on my panel during the Mediaocean Retreat. But it came up everywhere. Have you used it? How have you used it? Is this bad for Google? Is it great for Microsoft? Is it bad for humans? Is it great for humanity?

And yeah, like everyone else who’s checked it out, I’m obsessed, at least with the potential. After CES, I shared one of those “what I did on my winter break” projects: AISaysHireMe.com, with a slew of reasons ChatGPT says to hire me based on a rough overview of my job experience.

It is way better and brasher than anything I’d have written myself.

As for Shadow CES, there’s a lot that’s going to be happening this year in the ad industry: the rise of retail media as its own channel and line item, the increased monetization of CTV thanks to more ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD), the impending death for real this time maybe of third-party cookies, the increased adoption of clean rooms as a hedge against increasingly messy state-by-state privacy legislation, and a slew of questions about where advertisers will spend their budgets after a trying 2022 for many of the big tech media giants.

The Mediaocean shindig, C-Space, and other ad industry confabs talked a lot about these. It’s less about what’s new and more about what we do about the elephants in the room that are breaking all the furniture and probably will be looking to relieve themselves any day now.

It’s going to take more than a few webPee gadgets to sort it all out and figure out what to do.

It’ll take a ton of folks in the industry coming together.

That’s what happened at CES, and that’s what’ll happen next year at CES, and that’s why when a cab driver asked me when will I finally stop attending CES, I estimated about 40 years from now.

We’ll see if my toilet bowl thinks I have that many years left in me.

Until then though, see you next year. And, I hope, much sooner.


*My grandmother was a native Yiddish speaker, but I’m not sure she ever said bubkes when speaking English.

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