I’ve been writing about jobs a lot lately. The highs and lows of the hunt. Reference materials. Wacky experiments at the intersection of job searches & AI.

Job writing isn’t a genre. It’s a vibe.

And it’s a vibe that’s shifting for quite a few folks these days.

Here’s a roundup, some of which you may have seen recently or quite some time ago, but as a greatest hits album, it just sounds so much better. Pretty soon, I’ll need Discs I and II.* You’ll get some bonus tracks with a few original observations below.

Here they are, fully remastered;

Empathy First

The recent spate of my job posts started with one of my wider-reaching posts I’ve shared on LinkedIn, notching about 150,000 impressions. It begins:

In light of so many people posting about how layoffs are the best thing that ever happened to them, in the wake of all these tech layoffs, let me offer these words instead:

Getting laid off is the worst.

Can we acknowledge that?

So yeah, I got real. And while I’m a big fan of optimism and looking forward, let’s acknowledge how it really feels for others, even for people who hated their jobs but weren’t expecting to lose control over their situation.

It’s not unlike the wave of empathy that hit me once my marital situation changed. The change worked out well for me, and for those around me, but I’ve seen so many versions of this story that played out differently. Now when a friend tells me they’re getting divorced, I ask, “Should I say I’m sorry or congratulations?”

The answer is often “both.”

Quick aside: At a dinner in Cannes last year, I was sitting across from a woman I hadn’t known before. As we got to talking about family, I mentioned my divorce, and then I paused a moment later and said, “You got divorced too, didn’t you?” She asked how I knew, and I said, “You’re the first person I mentioned it to who didn’t say you’re sorry.”

Ultimately, whatever the situation, it’s about not imposing one’s feelings on others. It’s about opening the door to let the person share where they are. And unless they need immediate professional help, where they are (however high or low) is probably along the path of where they need to be.


This week, I shared a brief post that I’ll include in full here. I’d love to hear what questions you’d prioritize in this list:

The 5 W’s (and an H) for a job search:

WHO: Who is one person that I can reach out to who could be helpful in my search?

WHAT: What is one thing that I can do for someone else today to help them reach their professional goals?

WHERE: Where can I look that I haven’t looked yet?

WHEN: When can I make time for myself to breathe, learn, engage in physical fitness, seek professional counseling, laugh, meditate, cook a nourishing meal, play, get some fresh air, or relax?

WHY: Why am I the right person for the roles I’m seeking?

HOW: How can I end today a step further along than I am right now?


I’m also having fun with seeing how ChatGPT can be used to market oneself.

My first, which I mentioned previously, was AISaysHireMe.com. I entered a brief synopsis of my job history, and it spat out a bunch of reasons why someone might hire me. 

My newer one, not previously shared here, is MyAIResume.com. For this, I asked it to describe the work experience for a given job, and I shared my job titles and companies one at a time to come up with the resume. 

The added twist there is that Leo Morejon, who built the site, added a plug-in at the bottom where you can submit a prompt to ask ChatGPT to describe your own experience, and then you can get the bullets right there, even if you don’t have your own OpenAI account.

A bonus of this one is that it might give you some ideas for your resume or LinkedIn profile. I took a few of the points and added them to my real work history where they made sense.

Christmas in January

There are a few other resources that you can keep handy.

One is my list of 100+ questions you can ask when exploring or starting a new marketing job, shared at bit.ly/serialqs and updated periodically.

The other is my master job resource update, a scrappy page posted on Notion. I’d love to hear about any other resources you think should be listed there. I prune and update that one too when I can.

And there’s an even broader spreadsheet, bit.ly/howdavidcanhelp, with a few other thoughts.

Share any of these links liberally if they’d benefit someone else.

Please also let me know if I can help you at all get any further in your own search for that next project, gig, job, Congressional seat, co-star role in a Hulu series (maybe even guest star), or whatever else you’re striving for today.


*I’m thankful that almost all of my readership should understand what that means. If you don’t, it’s okay — I’ll throw in some Gas references next week.

PS: For those who missed CES and wanted to catch any of the sessions from Mediaocean’s Retreat, you can find all the sessions posted here. Just click “watch all recordings.”


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Keep checking out the #jobs channel in Serial Marketers for more. You can also see our full list of job resources here. Here are some great opportunities shared in these places or sent to me directly.

Project Manager
Full Time/Freelance
“We’re currently looking for a freelance or full time Project Manager with brand and/or agency experience to manage the day-to-day of an exciting heritage skincare brand refresh campaign and 1-2 other on-going creative and research projects. The Project Manager is responsible for guiding and working cross-functionally across team members internally and with external partners – client, creative, digital strategist, influencers/managers, and creative production as well as the Client and their additional agency partners. This role will sit at the center of the project(s) navigating budgets, relationships, and timelines. The right Candidate is hyper-organized with the ability to anticipate steps ahead and the needs of the Client. You are comfortable communicating with executive leadership, and will help to define this new role and guide junior contributors. We are looking for someone who appreciates the creative process, is solution-driven, and interested in rethinking the traditional agency practice. This is an incredible opportunity to join a small but mighty team, and to work closely with Partners of a rapidly growing creative agency.”

PR Professional
Part-time role
Via Tara in the community
“This role is contingent on winning a project. You will be asked to support the RFP response, including strategy development and presentation, and paid for that work regardless of whether they awarded us the contract. There is a bonus available if we secure the contract. Should we secure the project, this is a part-time ideal gig for someone who appreciates driving a strategy and pivoting when needed. You have a secret thrill for being organized and love a concise but effective email. Sometimes you see a piece of news and KNOW there’s a way to use that for your client, and you can rally the troops to make that happen. You hate being the bearer of bad news, so you consider it your job to keep the strategy and its execution at top speed. We are a growing agency looking to develop solid and ongoing relationships.”

Director, Digital Marketing [Rock & Pop]
CA, Los Angeles, US
“Warner Records is looking for a strategic digital marketer with expertise in social content strategy to join the digital marketing team as Director, Digital Marketing [Rock & Pop] The Director, Digital Marketing [Rock & Pop] will oversee high level digital marketing campaigns for rock and pop artists at Warner Records. The position will be responsible for developing campaigns that create cultural conversation, build artist social followings and engagement, and drive music consumption. They will be a digital expert in all things Rock and Pop as well as know the leading industry standards for digital marketing music.”

Senior Product Marketing Manager
New York, NY
“We’re looking for an experienced and entrepreneurial business-to-developer (B2D) focused Senior Product Marketing Manager to lead building a robust ecosystem of third-party developers, projects, and companies that build, grow and monetize their applications on the XRP Ledger – a decentralized layer-1 blockchain that was designed for superior speed, low cost, scalability, and sustainability. In this role, you will partner with cross functional teams including product management, engineering, marketing, developer advocacy and more to develop a robust go-to-market (GTM) strategy to elevate the XRP Ledger brand and acquire Web2 and Web3 developers to unlock entirely new use cases across payments, DeFi, NFTs, identity, gaming, tokenization, and more.”

Also, check out the Serial Marketers job board

Other job resources (see a full list here):

  • Beeler.Tech: Job listings for ad operations, programmatic account management, sales operations, and more.
  • Braintrust: A freelance platform where you are the owner and where freelance talent keeps 100% of the bill rate.
  • Candidate: Featured marketing and sales jobs
  • ExecThread: Senior roles spanning a range of verticals and cities; membership is free but fully vetted (this uses my referral ID to get you in faster)
  • Lunch Club: Match 1:1 around predetermined goals with accomplished professionals (free)
  • NYC Ad Jobs & Networking: A popular Facebook group
  • Questions to Ask for a Marketing Role: What questions should you ask when starting a new marketing role or job?
  • Serial Marketers Job Board: Post regular and featured listings and subscribe for updates.
  • Venwise: Submit your job interests here and get in front of their roster of hiring leads; select “Serial Marketers” under “How did you find us”

Do you run or enjoy other job listing sites? Let me know, and I’ll share them.

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