Month: March 2023

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  I’ve got some big FOAFing news to share: a concept I’ve been developing over the past few months is now live. Introducing FOAF: Fraction-of-a-Fractional CXO support. Most of what you need to know is at FOAF.pro, but there’s a backstory. And ChatGPT doesn’t know it, so I have to write the whole FOAFing thing myself. Years […]
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  Great news: after spending a few days at SXSW, I am now an expert on SBV and the global banking system. Isn’t everybody? Maybe not. But I did get to witness the first-ever SXSW Interactive where bankers were the most sought-after celebs. At this SXSW, for about 72 hours, instead of AI and GPT, all […]
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I just issued a new press release: “Serial Marketer Welcomes ChatGPT Plus as Virtual Associate, Boosting Marketing Capabilities and Customer Satisfaction” I was tempted to paste it here, but take a sec to read it. I’ll make a cup of ChatGPTea. … Oh, good to have you back. Yes, it was mostly written by ChatGPT. It took […]
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