Talk to Strangers – and Listen

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider The famous chicken and waffle brunch at Birch & Barley How old were you when you first learned not to talk to strangers? It's one of those rules parents try to instill at an early age, right up there with eating vegetables and not watching TV before finishing […]

Deconstructing Foodspotting

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider   Deconstructing Foodspotting If you were going to create a new application or tool to take advantage of the current trends in social media, what elements would you include? Add your thoughts in the comments, but I'll share my wish list. First, there should be some mobile component, […]

The Truck Stops Here

Here's today's Social Media Insider, originally published in MediaPost. Photo credit: Me. In the future, will all of our restaurants turn into roving trucks? You may not ask yourself that question every day, but answering it will reveal a few things about the evolution of social media. This megatrend of trucks serving gourmet food is […]