Month: September 2022

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  “A cat and a dog pooping on a book that is pink.” Sure, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let my eight-year-old sit down with me late at night and burn through my first batch of search credits on Dall-E 2, OpenAI’s AI-powered image generation app. And yet… I combed through my search results.­­ […]
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  I was away last week at a conference where I wasn’t speaking or blogging or Instagramming. Yes, really. It was an unusual treat for me, as it was a rare opportunity where I could focus on professional development. The event was the Global Member Meeting for Forrester’s Analyst Relations Council, a peer networking and edution group […]
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  “Nice to see you,” he said. And that was pretty much it. It was 31 years since I last saw him. I’ll call him Sven. He was my bunkmate at Camp Scatico, up in Elizaville, NY, in the Hudson Highlands. I made a name for myself there, not for any feats that a kid […]
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  My name is David, and I’m a connectorholic. You might know that introducing people to each other is a hobby of mine, and even a pastime, but you might not realize that I find it addictive. I get a little too eager to introduce two people who can create that 1+1=3 magic together. Those […]
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