LinkedIn: The Customer is Delusional

It’s fun being called delusional by customer service. Today, LinkedIn is trying to make me feel like I’m in that Jodie Foster movie Flightplan where she claims her daughter was kidnapped while on an airplane and everyone else thinks she’s nuts. The movie wasn’t supposed to be very good (it scored 38% on the Tomatometer), […]

Evangelists of the World, Unite

At the Web 2.0 Expo this week, one title kept popping up on business cards: Evangelist. All the evangelists I met are from companies that have quite a few evangelists in their own right: Salesforce, Yahoo, LinkedIn. The best moment was when I took a detour to Google’s Mountain View headquarters on Wednesday and met […]

Not So Fast

FastCompany rang me this evening saying I’m a "preferred customer" and that in return, they’d like to lock me in at their lowest-ever rate of $1.25 per issue for a five-year subscription. When the representative finished, I told her, "While I was on the phone with you, I found a better deal online for $1 […]